To all fellow free(and fearless)thinkers...sorry that i have been out of touch for too long...i am alive...its just that my laptop i just got, got a serious problem...Apologies to everyone...Nsajigwa writing from Mbeya Tanzania East Afrika

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Hey ... tech problems happen, guy.  Glad you were able to sort it out.

Welcome back!

yeah tech...not solved yet but am on the threshold of getting another laptop as a substitute...right now am using internet cafe...thanks for your what? a quick reply...

I'm sorry, that's no excuse. You will have to go through the hazing process again before you can be readmitted. The chicken suit is in the back shed, I will fetch the marmalade and paddles. :)

"lady merinda...thanks for your message, you a book lover? i like that...hereby please meet the Autodidact...(Jean-Paul Sartre's nausea, minus his pedophilia though!) We keep in touch.. Nsajigwa"

Hoping your new laptop gets you connected again!  Thanks for joining!




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