Well, the answer is so alarmingly simple!

If god gave humans intelligence (a discerning and questioning mind) then deprived humans of any practical evidence for god's own existence, then how can god possibly blame humans for questioning god's existence?

Thus it is entirely god's fault for not providing unquestionable evidence for god's own existence that Apostasy exists.

So Apostasy is definitely god's own fault!

Any god that punishes Apostates deserves Ridicule.

Because that is like a megalomaniac who murders those who don't worship him.

Hang on a second, that too is god's character.

Another reason for the existence of Apostasy!

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Sam Harris has been calling Yahweh on this for a while now.  I suppose that, 2,000 years ago, some authority declaring that their god was this, that, or the other was sufficient, but that was long before the age of science.  These days, expecting someone to "believe in something on bad evidence" doesn't even make it to the peer review most times.  What's worse is that the big guy can't even be bothered to supply such evidence; instead, he relies on his supposed human representatives, who haven't come up with a new idea in most of that two millennia.  The problem is simple: the believers are stuck with the same, faulty, unrevised holy books they started out with.  Meantime, science has moved on, because it WANTS to learn and grow, while religion attempts to stay the same.

Shades of the tortoise and the hare, except far worse.




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