Yeah so tonight somebody, who doesn't even know me, decided that since I'm an Atheist, I'm emo/gothic and I cut myself. And she decided she'd make it publicly known.

Anyone else get this kind of crap or discrimination? Anyone else get sick of it? Because I sure do. That's like saying a black man is a robber, just because he's not white.

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I had a former friend ask my dad if I was a Satan worshiper. I actually was laughing out loud when my dad told me.
I've been asked that before. People are so ignorant. I don't see how I could be a Satan worshipper if I don't even believe in that.

That's bizarre. Nobody ever suggested this in my hearing. I agree the discrimination is just as wildly wrong.

I've had someone think that being an Atheist meant that we built bunkers in the woods and hated the government.

That's insane. Like the first guy who commented, I've had somebody ask me if I worship Satan. That's the dumbest question ever, considering I already explained to them that I don't believe in anything.

And maybe those people who thought the bunker thing about you were getting Anarchist and Atheist confused. Because I've heard the same stereotype about Anarchists.

Oooo ... so, based on that logic, I'm a 61-year-old emo (whatever THAT is) / gothic who indulges in self-injury?

Yeah, right ... SUUUUUUUUUUUURE I am! [groan!]

They just don't understand.  We find belief in some diety just crazy talk.  In my view, this makes satan even more bizzaro and even more unbelievable than their sky friends.


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