also asked Pence why he thought Knox — who Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) termed an “anti-Catholic bigot”— had not been yet dismissed by the White House...

When asked Knox on Feb. 2 whether he still stand by an assertion he made in March 2009 that Pope Benedict XVI was “hurting
people in the name of Jesus” because he does not condoning condom
distribution as the solution to AIDS in Africa, Knox said:  “I do."...

In addition, Knox has a history of bashing the Catholic Church, as reported by on Feb. 17.  In April 2007, for example, Knox put out a statement
through the HRC accusing the Catholic Church of doing something that
was "immoral and insulting to Jesus" by denying communion to a lesbian
couple that was publicly promoting same-sex marriage. In December 2008,
he signed a statement saying the Catholic Church was "sending a message
that violence and human rights abuses against LGBT people are
acceptable" because the church would not support a UN resolution that
equated all sexual orientations.

The biggest surprise in all this was that Bill Donohue's name didn't come up once. Usually he's the one frothing at the mouth over the slightest criticism of the Catholic church and their doctrines.
It is eye-rolling fun watching anti-gay bigots whine over being called out on their bigotry and lashing out with essentially "I know you are but what am I?!?"
I need to read CNS more. It appears to be trying to challenge World Net Daily for unabashed wingnuttery.

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