If you read my other posts, I've had this ex-friend bigot ever since I came out. We've always argued and even have gotten into a fist fights. After that we rarely spoke at all. Today, he decided to re-break the ice and start talking to me again. We had a good discussion about video games and we've made-up (although we haven't had any closure about the bigotry before)

Anyways, I'm fine with just being acquantinces for now. Better to forgive and forget, right?

I'm not sure how it will turn out, and I'm not even sure what his intentions are. Right now I'm just not going to trust him, but be fine if he wants to hang out.

What are your guys's take on this?

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*fist fight, not fights

Hey, live and let live.

Don't worry too much on the core values of friends, if you guys get along, great, don't let petty things like religion or non-religion get in the way of a good friendship. let him know that too.

Hope it works out!

Jonathan said it so wonderfully. Live and let live.

If you can get past it, it's all the better. Don't trust him too much (is he trying to get you saved?) and don't talk about anything controversial (don't want to get into fistfights!).

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Either way, keep at least one eye on him.

if you were kicked in the nuts once maybe
 2x? don't let there be a third is my motto
cauterize the beef!

my best friend in junior high was my best enemy during school days




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