Appeal for an International Association of the Free Thought

Appel pour l’Association Internationale de la Libre Pensée

On the Fourth of July, 2005, on the occasion of the World Congress of IHEU at Paris, a World Congress took place at the initiative of the French Libre Pensée in which 250 participants from 29
countries debated of the necessary action of the Free Thought.

Coming from all the continents, the participants decided that we should collectively put an end to the dispersal of associations which claim to belong to the Free Thought or Atheism across the world.

Indeed, the indispensable struggle for the separation of religions and the states, although its form is always national, obviously takes on an international character through the political and philosophical
principles that are raised.

The struggle for the triumph of the absolute freedom of conscience can only be fought through the institutional demand of the complete and uncompromising separation between the public sphere and religions. This
philosophical movement has its source in the Enlightenment which has
enlightened the world.

In more than two centuries, starting from the United States of America, the Separation was spread to Mexico, France, former USSR, Turkey and many other countries such as Spain in 1931. Far from
weakening, in spite of many ups and downs, this historical movement of
emancipation of peoples and conscience has been steadily continuing.
Recently, it was Nepal and Bolivia’s turns to achieve this liberating

Inspired by this concern, the 250 participants in the 2005 World Congress of the Free Thought promoted the building of the International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Free Thinkers (ILCAFT / Comité
International de Liaison des Athées et des Libres Penseurs - CILALP).

Since 2005, the ILCAFT has started to work. Exchange of views has taken place, notably through the Internat. On two occasions, the ILCAFT met, on June 4, 2008 at Washington-DC, then at London on June 7, 2009.

On both occasions, the participants in those meetings confirmed their agreement to lay the foundations of a new International Association of the Free Thought. They felt that the right moment and the right place
for that foundation could be undoubtedly the next World Congress of the
International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) at Oslo in Norway on
August 2011.

That is why, in conformity with this renewed mandate, the signatories of this appeal call upon all sister associations across the world to resolutely move toward this new step.

The signatories appeal to them so that they express their views on the following issues :

1- Are you interested in the building of an International Association of the Free Thought ? 2- Are you willing to join in the World Congress of the Free Thought
which is to lay the foundations of its building in Norway in August
2011 ?
3- Would you like to take an active part in the Preparatory Committee of
this World Congress ?
4- Would you like to be regularly informed of the advancement of the
process ?

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