At tonight’s village board meeting in Broadwater, Nebraska, I was appointed to fill the remaining term on the Broadwater, Nebr. Board of Trustees of Mr Brad Rosch, who passed away October 2 after thirty years service on the board. His seat expires at the 2014 General Election. The vote was unanimous.

Though openly an atheist now, (and openly a Wiccan when I moved here two years ago), the village board chairman stated I was the least controversial of the five candidates standing for the position.

I was also appointed to the Flag Committee (charged with ensuring the proper display of the US Flag at the Broadwater City Park), since I am a disabled veteran and interested in the flag’s proper display.

I will be sworn in on December 3, at the board reorganisation and swearing in ceremony for all members elected after the General election tomorrow.

The Nebraska State Constitution does not allow organisation of government by political parties (thus state ballots do not have them except for Federal positions). While this allows for stealth parties, the board is now made up of three Republicans, one Democrat, and me (a Modern Whig).

Broadwater is one of the smallest incorporated cities in Nebraska, sixty miles east of Scottsbluff and fifty miles north of Sidney, along the North Platte River, population 128.

James, in Wyobraska.

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Hey that's great news.. I'm inspired dunno about the rest of ya! peace!
Big changes.. storms.. even in Israel...
~ from Dem. Now dot org:
An Israeli television network is reporting Israel’s military leaders rebuffed orders from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to prepare for a bombing of Iran two years ago. According to Channel Two, Netanyahu and Barak directed the military to ready an imminent strike on Iranian nuclear sites. But their order was rejected after Israel’s top army officials concluded that doing so would be illegal and set off a dangerous chain of events that could lead to global conflict.

... and from not so good news end:
Video has emerged from Colorado of a heavily armed police contingent carrying out an eviction order at the home of a woman in Idaho Springs. Sixty-three-year-old Sahara Donahue had enlisted the help of local Occupy activists after U.S. Bank ordered her to vacate her foreclosed home of 24 years. When the activists set up a barricade to delay the eviction last week, at least 10 truckloads of police reportedly arrived at the scene, carrying heavy weaponry. The police forced the activists onto the ground at gunpoint before barging into the home and carrying out the eviction.
but domestically/nationally/stateside that's good news James! keep the torch lit!

Cool!...Just a few hundred miles downstream from me in Casper WY.

I had to read this one twice; I think it's so cool and needed!

You have our deepest sympathy!

Hehe . . .

EEEEK!  An Atheist in High OFFICE!!!  Ohmygoodnessgracious!!!!!

<chuckle> Congratulations, James.  It's encouraging to see that some people can recognize the value of a person despite (and maybe because of) some labels applied to them.



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