I wish to announce to this atheist nexus circle that my request of march early this year on book by Bertrand Russell-a history of western philosophy, has been positively answered by one member Anne Guillory Thom, who sent me that book together with others 4 more, all by Bertrand Russell.

The others being…(2)the basic writings of Bertrand Russell, (3)the conquest of happiness, (4)the autobiography of Bertrand Russell and (5) Religion and science.

 I really appreciate this assistance by Anne Thom. i understand she has been charged some money for sending same parcel. I appreciate this fact that she has sacrificed/parted with her income just to assist someone-me here in Afrika. Here again a proof that a one could be good even if without god..!

In Afrika we have an acute shortage of books, good books. It is what I called “book famine”/starvation that bedevils us books lovers for knowledge here…

Books she sent/hereby received are in good shape. I observe that with much much appreciation.

Thank you Anne Thom…blessed (by nature) be you..! and welcome to this nature wonder land of wildlife Serengeti and much much more… come to Tz one day, to meet  meet the rarest few freethinkers here.

Asante sana(thank you so much)



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