I am seeking specialized lawyers and organizations in the United States that specifically deal with violations of the 1st Amendment and the Freedom of/from Religion. I'm quite aware of the ACLU but was curious if anyone here has had firsthand experience with a lawyer or group that strongly will advocate on your behalf. 

I have consulted with my peers but most of them are religious and have stated they do not want to get involved. 

What is happening at my College is a new set of personnel policies we must agree to if we wish to continue with our careers. This has been brought on by a new president who acts in every way a totalitarian without actually saying it. Just some of the outrageous new directives include: 

The book begins with a contradiction. Stating how it will be fair and not discriminate on the basis on any "protected class or status." Whether Non-Theism is protected or not, I do not have enough information to answer that. 

On the very next page we are required to sign an oath of ethics that reads "dedicate myself to god on these very principals..." and further "that we will uphold these principals, so help us god."

I have researched case law that has shown being an atheist is not considered a religion but it is protected by the first amendment. Has anyone else found this to either be correct or incorrect?  

The new policy manual continues with such infringements upon personal freedom in that it states we cannot speak or communicate any ill-being about the institution that would distract from the professional atmosphere and morale. It is a broad statement that goes beyond work hours and includes the internet. We must further give out any social networks that we are apart of along with the passwords to such places. Under our new manual, I would even have to show him the information on this very forum.

Essentially, we must sign away our privacy and should expect none. 


To further document the sheer lunacy of totalitarianism, there is literally a policy that states each employee is entitled to a 10 minute restroom break every four hours and those who abuse this will be disciplined. 


Our president is a southern baptist. He insists this is all legal and if we want to keep our jobs then we have no choice but to sign and agree to it. To me he is a hypocrite, writing how we will all be treated fairly under law, yet imposing something as foolish as this. 

I must make my decision on whether or not to sign this new policy book by the end of the month. 

I have not done so yet. Alas, I instruct psychology and not legal matters. Also, most of my co-workers know of my Atheist beliefs. They warn me that "coming out" about this to our new president will likely incur his wrath and there are enough snags and minor infractions in our policy manual that he would find a way to remove me.

I am torn. For I worked hard to earn my tenure at this college and don't want to leave. Yet my principals have always risen above material and world affairs.

Lawyers, Court Cases, Organizations, Opinions... I seek any information from others who have faced ordeals like this and how they proceeded.

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Have you tried the Freedom From Religion Foundation?  They specialize in church/state separation issues and have a large legal staff. 




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