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August 22, 2011

Archbishop warns against 'unofficial state atheism'

Joesph Smith

Amid the relentless drive to eliminate the word "God" from the public discourse, and against a background of Catholic politicians voting to fund abortion, one Catholic Church official has taken a welcome stand.

The Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia has spoken out on the liberal media "bias against traditional Christian belief," and warned against pushing religion out of the public square as well as against the "ferocious public smears and legal threats" against Catholics and other religions.

CNS News reports on Archbishop Charles Chaput's remarks at a Catholic World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain:

We make a very serious mistake if we rely on media like the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, or MSNBC for reliable news about religion. These news media simply don't provide trustworthy information about religious faith...

They have very little sympathy for the Catholic faith, and quite a lot of aggressive skepticism toward any religious community that claims to preach and teach God's truth. 

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Why is it that those who believe in something taken solely on faith, that's never been proven to exist outside the man authored and canonized religious scripture that claims it does,  are so terrified of those who take that evidence of human fable as proof there's nothing supernatural to hold faith in and as such refuse to bow to myth, living as if in deficit for being born human and bow , scrape, pray and fear all the days of their life to be forgiven for being flesh and bone bearing all the potential for mistakes that that entails? 


God created atheists first!


There's a Sunday school slogan for ya. ;) 

Oh, if only words had real power I'd be responsible for the combustion of at least 2 Fundamentalist Evangelicals in Alabama, right now. *eg* 

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I think they fear Atheists and it's spread because they will not only lose current members, but money contributions and future members.  They need followers.
I think this is exactly the case. In order to believe in something as illogical as christianity (or other such beliefs) you need to have an unquestioning, mob-like mentality. The fewer people believe, the harder it is to believe. This is why it is a fundamental tenant of christianity to 'recruit' more believers.
It always amazes me when these vultures open their beaks to "warn" society about the dangers of abandoning their mythology. It's like a rapist warning women about home break-ins.
State atheism? Isn't that the same as a secular government? Isn't that what we are supposed to have? Did I miss a history lesson? WTF?

They're afraid because they are losing so many faithful.  "While nearly one in three, 31%, of Americans were raised in the Catholic faith, today fewer than one in four, 24%, describe themselves as Catholic.  These losses would have been even more pronounced were it not for the offsetting impact of immigration."

Many of these losses joined the ranks of the unaffiliated.  America is becoming more secular and that terrifies them.  They're losing battles in court around the Separation of Church and State, and they're losing the privilege they once enjoyed.  They're in their death throes and they know it.  I love seeing them warn against aggressive skepticism, it means we're winning.

Probably bugs them that the most successful nations are secular nations like Sweden, and any extremely religious nations seem to be doing pretty poorly.
I'm sure they are well aware that they are struggling to keep people in the church. I would suspect that this fear-mongering is kind of a "last ditch effort" to try and draw people back/keep people in the church. Fear worked well for them in the past anyway....
Your words are indeed powerful, though possibly not in a way that would cause spontaneous combustion. An archbishop warning against the separation of church and state, that really takes the cake.

If by "reliable" they mean: "favorable toward their side," then they are absolutely correct regarding what they might regard as "trustworthy" reporting.  While I don't expect any major news outlet to be completely neutral toward religion, my hope would be that any reporting on issues or events where religion is involved would be at least reasonably unbiased or slanted.  If information comes out which is damaging to whichever church is involved in a given story, then it comes out, and any attempt at a whitewash will not help their cause.

Once again, religion expects to be cut slack for no other reason than because it is religion and is therefore due respect as a matter of course.  Sorry, fellas, but that ship has sailed.




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