Arctic ice melting at 'amazing' speed, scientists find -bbc great vid.. cool labs

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Interestingly this recent melt has uncovered a once thriving village that was frozen for the past 500 years. Apparently they had similar temperature conditions back then but oddly the author of the article fails to notice. Funny that.

Maybe I'm making excuses or just reading it differently than you, but they never mentioned it was as warm then as now.  In fact they specifically say they were living there During the 'little ice age', and they were interested in knowing how they did it.

I think it's entirely plausible that since Eskimos lived on ice a significant amount of time that these remains were not originally in pliable dirt, but left on the ice and then covered by more layers of snow and ice.  Now that All the ice and snow has melted away, the remains are left on top.


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