Are all extraterrestrial's atheist?  I'm talking about movies.  I've always thought of writing a screenplay  where earth was invaded by aliens who were religious fundamentalist.  Instead of coming to earth to study flowers (ET), eat us (V), or to kill us (Predator),  they've come here to convert us to their religion. 

I'm thinking a dark comedy.  It starts out real light.  Just a few alien ships and bibles.  Their god loves everyone. Eventually, people scoff  at them and their ideas. Except Richard Dawkins and some of us here on Atheist Nexus.  I'm speaking of myself.  I'd join just to piss off the x-ians.   Maybe the aliens find a country that would let them in.  What country would allow aliens?  Maybe the aliens don't have a sense of humor about their god.  Maybe their god is in the mother ship.

At this point you're wondering if I have a life.  Nope, I'm an atheist.

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"Are all extraterrestrial's atheist?"
"Are all extraterrestrial is atheist?"? What?
I guess neither one of us has a life.
Are we talking about scientology aliens? :)




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