Do you view all religions as being equally bad/dangerous/stupid or is Christainity the main culprit? I think I know what the answer will be as this is a predominantly western website but I am prepared to be surprised.

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I think they are all bad,but xinsanity and muslin tops the list and then some.
I think the Abrahamic religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) are the main culprits as far as dangerous and malignant go. Most other religions that I've studied have equally ridiculous but basically harmless dogma. Their only real danger is encouraging irrational thinking.
I tend to agree with that assesment, catholicism I would say is responsible for a lot of suffering, thinking sisters of mercy etc, anglicanism is to me more tea and cake with the vicar I don't think they have too many bible thumping loonies as they would upset the vicars wife.
My apologies for the non-sequitur , but I love the texture of the word Vicar.
I would have to agree along the lines of what Teddy Bear's conclusion.
I tend to think yes, but what makes religion a dangerous aspect in daily life seems to be related to how many people follow that religion and concentrate themselves in society. It’s like a bee hive effect. If one bee is flying around you, chances are they might be able to sting, but unlikely to kill you. But you get enough together, and they take on a more assertive and life threatening mentality.
No, I don't. I think they all limit critical thinking faculties, or at least dampen them, but no, they're not equal. I grew up in a cult, and it was worse I think than mainstream Christianity. And I would have to say militant Islam taught in Palestine is worse than what they get at the mosque down the street. And Scientology is the most destructive cult to its adherents in the US, in my opinion. Speaking of - there's a global protest of Scientology May 9th.
Grew up in a cult wow! it must have taken a lot of willpower and bravery to overcome the effects of that kind of upbringing.
It helped that the cult leader (my grandma) retired. But yeah, I used to actually run the cult's business operations when I was all brainwashed. Sort of feel bad about that now, but on the upside I got executive experience before I graduated high school.
A female cult leader is very unusual. Most religions are organized so that there is one man at the top who tells everyone else what to believe.
I would be interested to learn how your grandmother managed to become a cult leader since most religions are also misogynistic. How did she manage to have the men under her control?
Is it really so unusual? I'd think it depends on what kind of cult it is. Based on Abrahamic, it could be more misogynistic, but there are other religions prone to cult activity that don't have the misogynistic bend, and I don't see why it is any more difficult for women to have men under their control...just find some codependent men.
Are you planning a book?
I'll be knocking on HIS door next month! BIG protest happening in Clearwater, FL outside $cientology's "spiritual HQ". I'm really excited about it (my first picket)




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