Are any of your children angry that you raised them atheist?

Do you have a story about a child that never got baptized or never went to communion and are now angry adults because they aren't fitting into society, so to speak?

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Sounds like you have a very intelligent girl, Carolyn! She will surely be a leader. Hope you live in a town that will accept her for who she is and not be an outcast. Or on a positive note: Hope she is the one who will liberate us all from Christianity and other nonsense.

I have two teens, both are not Christians. I don't see either of them resenting me for letting them grow up as freethinkers. I am happy I was able to steer them gently towards non-belief. My son could care less and my daughter and I talk about her high school classmates beliefs. It has been great, since I don't have any freethinker friends close by.



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