I must admit I am more than tipsy or I would not dare proffer this question. Frankly I am much like the absent minded professor. I am accused of not being able to multi task. My mind is always in other places. I am multi tasking constantly. I am thinking about greater things while trying to function in life. If someone was to put preparation h next to my tooth brush I have no doubt I would put it on my tooth brush and attempt to brush my teeth with it. This is because my mind would be on other more Important things.

  I am not in any way smarter than anyone....I simply think differently...my mind is in other places.  This has been very difficult for me socially. People who don't know me think I'm a buffoon. People who know me well know I'm different but actually respect my ability to solve problems and respect my intellect. I simply don't see the world as most people. I have difficulty seeing the obvious and can readily see what is not obvious.  This is what led to my unbelief. I questioned what was unquestionable. I must reaffirm, that those who know me will listen to my off the wall suggestions. They know I'm on to something...different yet reasonable. This is something I must boast upon as my company is often cowboys.

I must admit that when I make post for discussion this is obvious. I like to produce titles that don't apparently make sense, and then tie them together in an unexpected way. I hope I am effective at provoking thought in my unique way. It does make me wonder...am I just an quack of evolution? Do other atheist experience the same type of awkward existence? Am I atheist and also odd? Or am I odd and by reason an atheist?   I am O.K. with being  a little different. I have lived with it all my life. My question is, is this simply a part of the atheist experience? Do other atheist feel rejected by society due to their atheism or just because they look at things differently? 

P.S. as I am tipsy I will never likely express any lack of confidence.

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Maybe none of the above, Compu, if I understand the above.

Instead of producing trick titles, produce titles that introduce what you want to say.

Matt Dillahunty has said repeatedly that he didn't gain IQ points when he became an atheist, but that he began to apply critical thought to his faith. His faith, pretty obviously, didn't fare well under those circumstances!

However, the issue of MIS-education, of teaching lies and propaganda and other religious bullshit is an unfortunate byproduct of the indoctrination many belief systems indulge in.  This is a serious topic and has recently been tackled in a full-on podcast by Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist.  Give a listen to the following.  I think it's worth your time:

I don't know if "smarter" is the right word in my own case but "different" for sure.  So whatever combination of blips, bleeps, and sparks going on in the brain that lead one to decide to become an atheist from out of a very conservative Christian background and current community...I have it.  Like you I fell a sense of oddness when I compare myself to others, like is something really wrong with them?  Or me?  I think both.

You seem to think and act much like I do. I think many people are not honest with themselves and they want to go with the crowd. I follow logic. It's really very simple if you get away from classical studies of it. Just go with what you know for sure. Many people cannot do this.

I hear theists making jokes about the atheist taking his logic lessons. Ha ha ha. Personally I don't care for classical philosophy or logic and don't give a damn about it. I don't study Plato or Socrates. I have no reason to.

A believer writes a book about the atheist who wasn't there. Why is the atheist not there? It's because the writer's holy book says everyone believes in god. Not very logical.

My longtime Pentecostal friend terminates our conversation because he thinks my demand for evidence equates into biblical "works." Not very logical.

Everyone wants to talk about what god knows, does, did do, will do, or would do under certain circumstances. The biggest problem here is they have a presupposition that there is a god in the first place. I won't have that conversation with you. It's all not very logical.

They think I am disrespectful if I make remarks like "if Woody Woodpecker created the universe from nothing then who created Woody Woodpecker?" I'm not disrespectful at all. I just started out with a different presupposition than they did. Is it logical? No.

Sometimes we all have to fess up and realize what may or may not be logical.

                                    RECENT LOGIC REPAIRS FOR ME

I have built and installed a TV antenna on my 38 foot tower. The signal is amplified and today it quit. Without using a meter of any kind I asked myself if I made any changes that would do this? No. Then I changed the amplifier and it works great again.

My car was showing erratic temps on the heat gauge a couple of weeks ago. Everybody told me about thermostats and sensors, etc. I borrowed a laser temp tester and the car was not hot when the gauge said it was. The gauge was crazy when you turned off the ignition key. This meant stepper motor in the gauge cluster. Schmidt Auto Center put me in a new one and solved the problem. Lots of mechanics don't even understand this repair. It's simple. If the car is NOT hot the gauge should go back to zero when you turn off the ignition.

I call all of this logic but others just say I am stubborn.  LOL

Michael, this is what it is: you're a troubleshooter, much as I am.  It's what I did for 30 years professionally and for a considerable while before and after that.  It's about having a wide-angle vision to be able to see possibilities and sufficient intellect to know what's likely and what isn't, then make decisions based on the data gained.

It's about the real world and our perception and understanding of it ... something too many believers know nothing about.

Soon after I finished college and started work, I taught an evening course in mathematics for electronics technicians. I told students they will sometimes solve math problems as they do electronic problems -- by trying different methods until one of them works.

I remember yet the way one young man's eyes lit up as if he'd found a key to a treasure. It's one of the rewards of teaching.

Loren, I believe this to be the basis of what makes us atheist as well.

It certainly is a substantial element of it.  Being a troubleshooter means dealing with the real world, with what IS.  Wishful thinking or a reliance on faith is an utter non-sequitur when a customer's device is down, he is losing money, and you are responsible for returning that gadget, whatever it is, to working condition.  Being a troubleshooter means being a hard, unapologetic pragmatist, plain and simple.

With such a discipline, the usages of religion are worse than useless; they are actively counterproductive.

...What is the difference between a troubleshooter and troublemaker? Both seem to go hand in hand which can be defined an usurper. Often my attempt to speak of what is reality I've been told to shut up or garner an extreme dislike from those who wish to remain in La La Land.But I cannot remain so because problems can fester  and when shit happens, some person will be found to take the blame.... and the cycles continues.

I really do not understand the desirability to remain ignorant when problem solving leads to greater intelligence and social harmony.

Loren, you have touched on a thought here that has been at the back of my mind for quite a while. I see the average voter and theist as very similar. Have you noticed when an important issue is to be voted on the media runs around interviewing "likely voters".  The most difficult thing for these journalists is finding ANYONE that actually knows anything about the issue. That is they can not find anyone who actually has looked into the subject. Most voters simply parrot what they may have heard politicians say.  Likewise theist are typically unconcerned with their religion. They simply regurgitate what their religious leaders have told them.   I think it was indeed a little pompous for me to have chosen the title I did for this discussion. It was an attempt to ferret out thoughts such as yours and Michaels for the purpose of discussion. Thank you both for bringing more clarity to the subject. It appears we simply put more thought into subjects such as religion.


I think perhaps these journalists you speak of have found the likely voters with their own mind but their responses were unappealing for the masses that they were ignored. Can you imagine if an atheist using logic to respond to a question would lose the sensationalism. If the responses requires complex thinking, then it is not worth the news.




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