I must admit I am more than tipsy or I would not dare proffer this question. Frankly I am much like the absent minded professor. I am accused of not being able to multi task. My mind is always in other places. I am multi tasking constantly. I am thinking about greater things while trying to function in life. If someone was to put preparation h next to my tooth brush I have no doubt I would put it on my tooth brush and attempt to brush my teeth with it. This is because my mind would be on other more Important things.

  I am not in any way smarter than anyone....I simply think differently...my mind is in other places.  This has been very difficult for me socially. People who don't know me think I'm a buffoon. People who know me well know I'm different but actually respect my ability to solve problems and respect my intellect. I simply don't see the world as most people. I have difficulty seeing the obvious and can readily see what is not obvious.  This is what led to my unbelief. I questioned what was unquestionable. I must reaffirm, that those who know me will listen to my off the wall suggestions. They know I'm on to something...different yet reasonable. This is something I must boast upon as my company is often cowboys.

I must admit that when I make post for discussion this is obvious. I like to produce titles that don't apparently make sense, and then tie them together in an unexpected way. I hope I am effective at provoking thought in my unique way. It does make me wonder...am I just an quack of evolution? Do other atheist experience the same type of awkward existence? Am I atheist and also odd? Or am I odd and by reason an atheist?   I am O.K. with being  a little different. I have lived with it all my life. My question is, is this simply a part of the atheist experience? Do other atheist feel rejected by society due to their atheism or just because they look at things differently? 

P.S. as I am tipsy I will never likely express any lack of confidence.

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Maybe none of the above, Compu, if I understand the above.

Instead of producing trick titles, produce titles that introduce what you want to say.

Matt Dillahunty has said repeatedly that he didn't gain IQ points when he became an atheist, but that he began to apply critical thought to his faith. His faith, pretty obviously, didn't fare well under those circumstances!

However, the issue of MIS-education, of teaching lies and propaganda and other religious bullshit is an unfortunate byproduct of the indoctrination many belief systems indulge in.  This is a serious topic and has recently been tackled in a full-on podcast by Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist.  Give a listen to the following.  I think it's worth your time:



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