I do  not believe in god or the fables  in the bible, mainly because  there is  no way to prove  any of it.....I therefore  consider  myself  an Atheist...............Since  I have joined  A/N  I have found  many who not only are Non Believers ,like myself, but who criticize ethnic cultures  different  from their own.....As a  Free Thinker, I try to respect  other cultures  that I do not  understand.........There are some strange rituals performed  by some which are perfectly  normal  to them  but  are difficult  for others  to comprehend.....Isn't that  why  people  travel  to different lands to learn  other peoples  customs?.....When we go to their land  should we  try to tell them  that what they are doing  is wrong and should  be  forbidden?  Absolutely not,  unless you do not value  your life............My point is that being an Atheist should only be  related to not Believing  in Theism.....Why are  so many of us  trying  to tell others  with  different  ethnic  backgrounds  how they should  live their lives........I am particularly referring  to the procedure done  to infant  boys  of the Jewish culture known as circumcision......It has been accepted  in the Jewish culture and performed  for thousands  of years.....Yet many consider  it a form of torture without  acknowledging  the fact it is  a common  procedure for Jews......Today, some Jews  are  questioning  it.....That is their right.....Others do not have that right  to  tell a Jew  what  they can and should  do......It is  something  that has  to be  decided  within  the Jewish  Community..........It is like  calling a Black the N word which  is  very demeaning and yet  some  call their own  kind  the N word  but it is ok.......Respect for another's  culture  is the only way  we can  all get along  and live  together.......Being  an Atheist does not give us the right  to disrespect rituals  performed by others and to cast  judgement  on them......  

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Very interesting article!

The circumcised do have STD, just "reduced" number of STD. So, everything boils down to how much one is taking care of his dick by washing it or not. I guess the number of circumcised who got STD are just lazy and "assured" they won't have STD because they are circumcised.

But here comes the "beautiful" circumcised dick! Well, the beauty is in the eye of the dick holder.

Why not get lost in the admiration of genital aesthetics?

I'm not judgemental at all!

Just ask those lame brained dingbats of creatards and loony Xtians I debate regularly!


Too bad "judgmental" is confused with "condemning".

You have the capability to think, to use your judgment. You don't condemn Christians to be lame brained dingbats and loony, they are already so condemned by their faith in God.

I want to debate creatards in leotards.

If a person is not judgmental, he or she gets raked over hot coals, thrown into the alley and run over until death do us part. 

Whatever happened to treat people as you wish to be treated? I didn't wade through this entire thread, but it's sad to read some of this commentary.

Just because you CAN say something, doesn't mean you should. 

For the purpose of this discussion, you should not treat people the way you wish to be treated because the way you wish to be treated should not exist because circumcision should not exist.


Female circumcision (FGM) existed in both Islam and Christianity.

Even in the 1950s it was condoned by Christianity and advised by Christian doctors to stop young girls from masturbating.  I was horrified as a young boy when I read it in the book they gave my sister to explain to her about sexuality.

The book was called "On Becoming A Woman" and parents (like my own) would simply give us books instead of talking about it to us, which is so wrong.

So FGM was not just an Islam custom, it was also a Christian custom.

Yet as we all know, it is modernism (secularism) that is making Christianity and now even Islam, more moral (only in moderate regions). 

Morality never came from religion.

I was thinking about this the other day and I asked myself the same question. Then it took me only a few minutes to realise how judgemental the religious have been, not only to non-believers but also amongst each other. We all know Galileo's story, imprisoned for showing evidence the universe didn't work the way the church thought it did.

Atheists are labelled either as lost or by really ignorant people as ''influenced by the devil''. To spiritual people we are ignorant and do not know the ''truth'' so to speak.

Why I love Atheism as a socio/political movement is because we tend to battle with our wits, knowledge, well constructed arguments, education and science, all non-violent means to battle the false notions that theists hold. Show me a video of non-believers standing by the road side with cardboard signs saying ''I hate fags!'' Or give me a link to an organisation that goes around the town centre handing out The Origin of Species or God Is Not Great, A Brief History of Time or De Rerum Natura and saying that this is the one and only truth and you must redeem yourself or you will face eternal torture in the here after.

Offence is subjective, the one can handle a joke and another clearly can't. If people feel offended that I don't believe what they do, that is entirely their problem, not mine. Not ours. 

So true Mark.

The job of atheism is to stop religious indoctrination and proselytizing.

We need a secular world where there is both freedom for and from religion.

It's the judgemental and divisive nature of publicly proselytizing religions that is destroying it for everybody.

When they stop proselytizing and indoctrinating, then atheism will disappear as there would be no need for it, unless they begin again.

So while they keep proselytizing, indoctrination and forcing their beliefs onto the public.

It is the DUTY of all atheists to judge, deride, scorn and ridicule their beliefs.





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