Christian are supposed to kind and loving, which is part of christianity, being "christlike".

In your personal experience, do you find that christians are kinder, more thoughtfull to strangers, more giving and less selfish than atheists?


Also, do christians seem to be happier people in general with their lives?




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From my experience, they're nice, giving, and compassionate so long as you too are a christian or they have a chance to proselytize.  The majority of the time when I express that I'm a nontheist around christians, I'm greeted with hostility or pity, neither of which are kind and loving.

I know what you mean and agree, but there are also what I call "true christians" (they are rare) who seem to "radiate" a happy peacful "glow" about them and are totally non-judgemental, not caring if you are an atheist, or gay, or whatever.

My cousins are just such people. They would give you their last dime if you were in need.

One of my cousins even spent the weeking with me in my house to be with me and be a comfort when my Mom died suddenly.

They are always doing nice things for me and praying for me.


They know I am an atheist, and this does not effect how they treat me, and they never try

to push religion on me.

They are the only folks I alow to say a pryer at my dinner table, though I do not pray with them, I close my eyes in a moment of silence out of respect for them.

Anyone else, I would tell them to please keep it to yourself ;)


I am not making a "believers are happier then non-believers, therefore there must be a god" argument. But when I think of all the very kind people I know, my cousins top the list.


What is about the bible that makes them so happy?

I have read most of the old testament, certainly nothing happy there!

I have read parts of the new, didnt find anything particularly happy there either!



In your personal experience, do you find that christians are kinder, more thoughtfull to strangers, more giving and less selfish than atheists?


Not at all. They tend to be selfish and egotistical -- confident in their delusions. I think xtians tend to be crueler and more hateful than the average person.


Also, do christians seem to be happier people in general with their lives?


Yes. Ignorance is bliss!

Is it ignorance if it is willful avoidance of reason?  Ignorance is just not knowing.  Is choosing to not know still ignorance? 

I think theists know that an atheist scientist can, and alway do, win any debates simply by

using what we know with logic.

It's always been a "have respect" for other people's religious ideas in our scociety, and

considered rude to question their beliefs, a "hands off religion" thing if you will.

Avoidance of facts do not make them disapear, but what you DONT know cant hurt you if you are a christian.

If you give the "Devil" an inch, he will take a mile ;)


I have found christians to be more underhanded and bigoted than most.  They only seem to accept their own reality have cannot accept other lifestyles.  Atheists to them are evil and cannot be trusted.  I try to keep my beliefs to myself, but have frequently been told that my behavior is very  christian like.  I find that very insulting.  I do not want to be like them.
I agree, I find that many of them are phony. all sweet and sugar on the outside until they see or hear something they do not agree with. It is like those people who wear cutesy animals, hearts,  and sayings on their clothes, they tend to be the scariest when things do not go their way.

Exactly. The scariest was when I refused to pray once. Multiple people, a lot of them younger than me, in my highschool marching band, surrounded me like hyenas and were ready to force me to convert RIGHT THEN AND THERE, come hell or high water, I was honestly scared for my life, but luckily we were about to perform for halftime so they were quickly brought back to reality.

I've also been cornered on a charter bus during a marching band trip before, back when I was a wiccan, and the entire time I spent it near the front and the adults, but I still had people randomly flip me the bird or call me a "devil bitch" right next to me.

You have no clue how well-indoctrined some of these people are taught to be--they will do anything, up to killing someone, to preserve their belief in something.

If tomorrow, we proved with science, that god didn't exist, I can imagine all the scientists involved would be killed in their beds, in order to preserve the precious precious faith.

Interesting question. I say no. Some people are nice and some people are not, but it doesn't necessarily correlate to their religious beliefs. It reminds me of something someone asked me once: "Have you ever met a racist atheist?" Well, yeah, I have. People can be racist. People that are christian can be racist. People that are jewish can be racist. People that are daoist can be racist. The religiosity of an individual does not alone judge that person's character.

I think people in cults are super-happy with their lives. I've noticed that trend. Cults, a sort of magnified version of religion--tells you that you are one of the few, the chosen, precious few, that you are enlightened, a chosen one, out of the 6 billion in humanity, you and your precious others will be going to heaven and only you alone. Weasel words and people who are amazingly skilled at twisting things to do what they want them to do--are what create cults. And it's been shown that this "special" feeling they get is reflected outwardly--in the fact that cult members often don't get sick easily, or the fact that they can fast for longer than a human should be able to--it's not superhuman, it's the placebo effect, it's the power of making someone think that they "know" something so well, it becomes true for them.


Christians in general---yeah, they're happy. They're absolved. The trend around here is to lie, cheat, steal, rape, and bully people around you, then go to church and ask for forgiveness, and repeat the cycle next week.

Nevermind I never did any of those things to begin with, they were better than me--because they sit in church once a week.

But yeah, they're happy. They don't have to own up to anything, it's all between them and god, they're allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as they go to church on Sunday.

Of course, lots of christians would go "but those people aren't REAL christians!". No, they are. You don't get to exclude a group of people from your little label just because you don't like how they act. Just like WBC is a christian cult. Just like the Oklahoma City Bombers were real christians as well. Just like Dan Lafferty is a real Christian/Mormon and follows the same god as the rest of the christians.

I mean, when there's an atheist murderer, or a gay thief, you don't see people going "well he wasn't a real atheist" or "well he couldn't really be gay." "Gays/Atheists are all intelligent, law-abiding people!" On the other hand, Christians just as easily dismiss anyone that has "fallen from favor" out of their group, which isn't special or super-inclusive at all, I daresay White, Male, Heterosexual and Christian are the defaults for most of America. Anything that deviates from that is a minority.

"But yeah, they're happy. They don't have to own up to anything, it's all between them and god, they're allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as they go to church on Sunday."

LOL! even John Wayne Gacy, who murdered 33 boys, was raised a strict catholic and believed he was totaly forgiven through confession and his little string of rosery beads!! ;)

No, if science actually did produce irrefutable proof that god does not, and never did exist, and the headlines were splashed on every newspaper in the world, christians would simply believe it was the work of the "Devil" and it would likely make their faith even more resolute.


P.S. dont forget also, they believe the "antichrist" is coming any time, and this will be the beginning of the "end times", the Armagoddon ;)

You cant win with these people, no matter what!!

If they pray for their sick loved one, and that sick person becomes well, praise the Lord, he has answered our prayers.

If the sick person dies, it was gods will and wants that person with him in heaven, again, praise the Lord for he has answered our prayer and works in mysterious ways ;)

How do you deal with that kind of logic?

You don't, it's not based in logic.  You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.




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