Christian are supposed to kind and loving, which is part of christianity, being "christlike".

In your personal experience, do you find that christians are kinder, more thoughtfull to strangers, more giving and less selfish than atheists?


Also, do christians seem to be happier people in general with their lives?




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Well, i was just thinking of my response, and happened to glance down and saw this - ""From my experience, they're nice, giving, and compassionate so long as you too are a christian or they have a chance to proselytize.  The majority of the time when I express that I'm a nontheist around christians, I'm greeted with hostility or pity, neither of which are kind and loving.""  ... Ditto
Not to believers that became non-believers.
I've found christians to be incredibly kind, giving, and loving. As long as you're not a homosexual. Or an atheist (or god forbid, a homosexual atheist). Or a non-christian of any sort. If you are any of these things, make sure to carry pepper spray and/or a taser, and possibly a full suit of armor.

Good point. And the damage will be even worse psychologically. They will virtually torture the poor person. I was living in the south in the US once and.... my Dog!! They would really torment those who were in the above categories and even those who could not accept their rants.


Like I have mentioned my best friend who killed himself over this sh*t.  And I was in the Bible study once where there was a really nice and kind man who was gay but no one knew but a few of us. Another guy, a big guy, started to say how he used to go and beat up homosexuals and how much he hated them. The other man was looking like he was going to cry and was totally disturbed. He never went back, thank Dog and I hope he is OK. It made me want to rip the big guy's head right off.


Even though I was trying to connect to some deity at that point, that kind of hate always made my anti-theist kick up and helped me to nurture sanity.

It sounds like the experience in the US is quite different, at least from my point of view.  In the UK, most of the Christians I have met or know personally do not give me a hard time for being an atheist. Most of them are happy to debate the issue with me, or just don't bring it up if it seems to be causing any friction.


However, when I mentioned that I was an atheist on a visit to Fort Deposit, near Montgomery Alabama, I was jeered and physically assaulted, not just by ordinary people but by police officers as well.

Boy, did you go to the wrong state. I'd just stay away from the south entirely, if possible. Go to like, Maine or something. I hear they're pretty chill over there.

a) Ask any religious minority where Christians are on the upper side.


b) Of course they're happier: they're going to heaven! White clouds, shining lights, all your friends (minus the fornicators), a friendly welcome...paradise.


I see you down below, they have better drinks anyway...

In my personal experience, everyone has been different. It's really hard to give a good answer to this question, because it's asking about the personalities of individuals within a huge group.


That said, I've been lucky enough to have family members who are great christians, and are actually walking the walk instead of simply talking the talk. They don't bother passing judgement on me because in their belief it's not their place to do so.

I've also had the misfortune of running into plenty of asshole christians as well.

So, I suppose my answer would be that it depends on the individual. Some are nice, some are assholes. Just like us.


Are they happier? I'm certain that the social networks that they acquire through religion helps them to stay happy. It's much easier to stay happy when you know that you have an entire group or groups standing behind you or assisting you, or when you know that the government publically endorses your belief and will fund programs which benefit you based on that belief.

I mean to say that yes, they are happier, and for good reason. They've got widespread social support and government support. With less to worry about, how could they not be happier?




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