Christian are supposed to kind and loving, which is part of christianity, being "christlike".

In your personal experience, do you find that christians are kinder, more thoughtfull to strangers, more giving and less selfish than atheists?


Also, do christians seem to be happier people in general with their lives?




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"You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into."

Thats quotable Travis, if I ever use this line, I will think of you ;)
Meh, It wasn't me.  I stole that from someone else.  Thanks though.

I do not think people of faith are happy with their lives.  They spend a lot of time with guilt, depression  and shame over not living up to the expectation of their religious beliefs. The following is a quote and link for your info:

"The prevailing view of religion is that it is harmless even if it is delusional. That turns out not to be the case. America is the most religious country of those studied in the developed world. America also has the biggest problems in terms of things like homicide, juvenile and early adult mortality, STD infection rates, teen pregnancy, and abortion."

There's extremes on both sides. Non and pro or whatever...
basically racism is instilled by parents and on and on.
Regardless of faith, it's the parents. Too bad some of those parents are CEO's of influence.
Greydon Square for POTUS.
I think it would be better to find a study on this than to appeal to personal experience as a conclusive source of information. I'm looking right now, if I find anything worth while I'll post it.

Thats a great idea. I am sure some studies have been done.

Check the phycology websites, I will do a search of the ScienceDaily News website, I get

email updates from them.



I found this, it's a surprising twist:


Also, this:



There was that study published in the Journal of Religion and Society showing the statistical picture - the most religious countries have the highest rates of homicide, suicide, VD, and a host of other social ills. The most secular cultures are the healthiest ones, and I'd have to think the happiest ones too.
I can't talk to anyone who refutes evolution.  They are just willfully ignorant and no amount of talking to them will sway them.  Hell, evolution doesn't even have to conflict with man's writings, ahem I mean god's teachings.

Oh my dog, no. They are insane on every level. Psychotic. Will turn on you in a second.


OK, there are some kind Xers out there, but they are generally kind people. Aholes who become xers are just ahole xers. And there are a lot of them because they are mentally ill. Wait, they are worse. They are sadists - anyone who wants a god to come down and blast the world and innocent people, well, you cannot be a nice person and  hold that belief. So those who are drawn to such sentiments are mean evil people and no god can save them.

Honestly, I don't think kindness has anything to do with what you believe or don't believe. If it did, it wouldn't be kindness. It's just something people have to varying degrees genetically, although it may have something to do with how you are raised. For example, my Christian mother remarked to me when I was young that I have a "sweet" personality, and that's something I never want to let go of, even though I am now an atheist. It's a part of me that I want to share with others, because that sharing makes my life worth living.


Most Christians and other religious folk are kind and nurturing. They choose to get married, raise a family, help others, etc. Religion sometimes helps and sometimes hinders this process. My mother cried when I told her I was an agnostic. She feels scared that I might spend eternity in hell. She has created her own hell by believing a wicked religion built solely for it's own survival. I feel bad for her, but at the same time am relieved that I don't have the same concern for my children.

I think kindness can be learned and is not at all genetic.  As for christians being kind and nurturing, I have seen more believers dis-own and dis-inherit their children because of relatively  insignificant issues.  When their offspring do not abide by their religious beliefs, they are frequently severely disciplined even as adults.  I personally have seen that kind of hell fire and damnation reigned down on many of my friends.
Mostly, yes, I have to say they are.  But even if they weren't, how good or kind a particular group is has absolutely no bearining on the existence or non-existence of a deity.




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