Are Conservatives Wanting to Weaken or Destroy Education?

Many conservatives, as if wanting the End Times to come soon, seem to not want to educate America's children.

So I see occasionally in the news regarding Texas, where in the late 1960s my wife and I lived and she taught in the Austin schools, where a comprehensive sex education course started in second grade.

My work took us away in 1969. In the 1980s Texas went crazy; conservatives replaced that program with the infamous "abstinence only" sex education and they still want to repeal evolution.

Evidence used in the recent Texas Supreme Court ruling on school funding support such a conclusion.

Three different sources cited in the ruling set adequate annual spending at $6,176 per student, $6,562 per student and $6,576 per student for the 2010-11 school year, with higher amounts for later years.

The actual funds available in 2010-11 were estimated at $5,662.

The ruling, if you are compulsive or masochistic enough to read it, is at

In the first few pages the justices state a collective personal criticism; on the final pages they state their conclusion: the funding policies are constitutional but wrong for the present century.

Texans have to give a damn.

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When I first read your title, I thought it was an either/or choice. [You get three points for destroy, two points for weaken] (Along the lines of when did you stop beating your wife?)

Hysterical belief systems which have little to no basis in reality cannot tolerate education or people who keep themselves informed.  Such systems depend on argument from authority and argument from consequences, particularly the threat of certain consequences.

For more years than I care to count, some such people of Texas have tried mightily to drag themselves and their state, kicking and screaming, back to the years of their origin, when the bible was their primary reference and science was something people scoffed at.  AronRa has worked with at least equal determination to stave off this attempt and insist on the Lone Star State's continued attendance to the 21st century.  The nature of that struggle is documented in the following, and I commend your attention to it:


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