Atheist Nexus, tell me if ghosts are real, or if they aren't.  I'm a fence sitter~ I won't say that I believe in them, but I won't say that they aren't real.  I've had experiences people would say should prove to me that ghosts are real, but there was never anything in my mind that was conclusive.  What about you?

[Pic related, Proof Ghosts are REal]

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I only believe in evidence based stuff. There is no objective evidence to support the existence of ghosts.
One would think, with all the stupid ghost hunter shows, they were real. Professional wrestling and ghost BS get about the same coverage.
There are no ghosts, no haunted places, no alien ghosts and no ghost of Nostradamus - only in the minds of those weakened and made vulnerable by religious indoctrination.
Here's something you need to do.
First you need to read this: Sleep Paralysis. It's an experience I had once, whereby I woke up, was unable to move, and saw two translucent and evil looking chaps standing by my bedside chatting in some unknown language. It was quite possibly the scariest moment of my life, and if I wasn't a skeptic I might very well have seized upon this as my personal proof for the existence of the supernatural. I didn't, however, and instead I went on google to figure out what had happened. As it turns out, this is a very common phenomenon which happens to most people at least once in their life; it's basically a temporary short-circuit in your brain.
And guess what? For millenia these experiences have been interpreted as demonic visitations by the gullible, and yet we know understand that they are nothing of the sort.

So if your brain is that easy to fool, how much confidence are you really going to put in your brain's perception of what seems like a ghost, a supposedly interdimensional supernatural being which just happens to have taken time off its celestial activities to go scare the fuck out of you. How reliable are you willing to bet your brain was at that time? My guess is: not at all.
Wait for actual confirmation by anything other than vague eyewitness stories.

Also, what the fuck is that picture supposed to prove?
Actual confirmation would be anything which did not depend on the whim of a single individual's brainstate. It could be anything from actual photographic evidence, communication with the dead and retrieval of lost memories, verified notions of telepathy, whatever the precise definition of the ghost entails.

"the distrust of my senses seems like a slip into solipsism"

The distrust of your senses is a slip into reality. Or don't you believe in optical illusions and hallucinations

"What is the definition of a ghost? Does it need to be inter-dimensional, or even intelligent?"

That's something the people who believe in them have to decide.
Nope, but I fantasize about them! It would be fun to be a poltergeist.

There are a plethora of articles available on the internet regarding the very real UNreliability of the human brain in matters of perception and memory. This neurological defect typical of all human brains has had in recent years a major impact on legal proceedings dependant on eyewitness testimony. Just one quick example.

Basically people who believe they've experienced such things have the false belief that their brain's sensory capacity is faultness and can only reveal truth when in fact nothing is farther from the truth.
There probably is someone here who believes that. Mostly I've seen woo peddlers get on AN, have their beliefs ripped to shreds, and leave.
Ghosts are not real. Actress Demi Moore is very real.(wink wink)
Nope,it's all supernatural gibberish.
Ghosts absolutely exist as imaginary figments in some people's minds.
Ghosts stories make for good horror and drama, but not for good reality. Watching just one ghost hunters program makes it quite evident that all they are doing is spooking themselves and rushing to conclusions which are support by often nothing more then a feeling.

My problem with ghosts is the same basic problem I have with the idea of having a soul.

What is the evidence that there is something separate inside me that is independent of the brain and body. That the thing I think of as 'myself' could continue to exist outside of death is to my eyes crazy. Most if not all evidence points to the idea that there is no homunculus, there is no separate me which is independent of reality.

As well since I don't accept similar testimonials for gods, why would I accept them for ghosts.
I think it's all complete crap. I'll admit to going some places that were just creepy, but that's usually because you have a mental picture of what might have or did happen there. Nothing paranormal about that. See a shadow? Ok, well I have looked at those optical illusion sites, and it's clear that your eyes, are not always seeing things correctly and do in MANY instances, give you bad information!! Still, I would like to see at least one person on one of these silly little ghost shows get bitch slapped....whether it's by a ghost or not would be up for debate.....Have you ever watched one of those dumb ass shows?? Sci-fi channel doesn't piss me off as much as A&E....but then again, they also give you gems such as billy the exterminator, and dog the bounty hunter.....train wrecking trash, you just can't NOT watch.....
But yeah.......there's no ghosts.....




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