Atheist Nexus, tell me if ghosts are real, or if they aren't.  I'm a fence sitter~ I won't say that I believe in them, but I won't say that they aren't real.  I've had experiences people would say should prove to me that ghosts are real, but there was never anything in my mind that was conclusive.  What about you?

[Pic related, Proof Ghosts are REal]

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Ghosts are as real as god. Which is to say that there's probably a fantastically mundane explanation for 'paranormal' things.

If you haven't already, whenever you feel like there's a ghost you must first ask yourself, "Is there another explanation." I guarantee you there is. We can't even say that ghosts exist, it's a little hasty to then attribute things to them.

I explore abandonments for fun, part of that is going at night. As scary as that is with the, 'footsteps, wailing, moaning;' there has always been a brilliantly plain explanation.
the short answer to the question IS an emphatic NNNNOOOO!!!!
with no excuses. we are dealing with natural phenomena that needs to be rationally/scientifically explained. we need to stop giving credence to the thought that "we need to keep an open mind about the paranormal" we dont! its all bullshit kidz!!!!!!!! we dont! its all bullshit kidz!!!!!!!!. We need to investigate the natural phenoms that we are subject to as organic beings.
KEEP IT REAL KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
which means that they do not exist in reality but only in the fertile imagination of deluded people.
see lecture by Dr. Persinger from canada.
and Dr. Andy Thomson
I am also an amateur magician and know 2 things better than you positively
and that is how to fool others , but more importantly how we fool ourselves.

Penn&Teller rock!!!!!!!
The concept of sleep paralysis is an interesting one. While it's never happened to me, I've witnessed it as it happened to others. Example -while not sleep paralysis, per se, hallucinations non-the-less -my mother seeing demons when she was on her deathbed and doped up on morphine.

I have a friend who lives in a very old home in St. Louis. Teddy Roosevelt actually stayed in this house back in the day. It's a huge, multi-story behemouth...perfect for tales of being haunted, which my friend declares is true. Apparently, the previous owner appears to people on occasion. It has been rumored that wierd things happen there...salt/pepper shakers moving across a table by themself. Water faucets turning on/off by themself, blah blah blah. He had a renter on the top floor who said he saw the ghost of the previous owner once that scared him sh1tless. When he described the ghost, he described the previous owner to a "T". Yeah...whatever.

For the places that have consistently been deemed "haunted", I wonder what additional rationalizations could be made...other than the mind seeing what you want it to see. Anyway, my question is this...I wonder if there could be other elements at play that would cause a person to have such lucid hallucinations...especially many in the same place. Oh, say like a light gas leak, faulty wiring, lighting/perspective, drafts, and of course, vivid imaginations.

While this guy's house can certainly be creepy, I do believe there is a rational explanation for everything that has occurred there. I've even considered staying over a few nights in the ex-renter's apartment to see if I experience anything myself. OOOOoooOOOooOOoooOOooo scary!
check out the lectures I have listed and you will see a lot of things can make us think we are having some kind of paranormal experience.(normal=things that are ..well..normal, para=shit that deluded people make up for various reasons..mainly ignorance).
have fun in the "haunted" house.
my mom had a similar experience. she saw all our dead ancestors and started calling there names one at a time, like she was greeting them.
disturbing and interesting yes...emotional?...very, it made me cry......supernatural or paranormal?.....NNNNOOOOOOOO.
just like many she was going into whats called "final curtain dementia". the brain starts dying and releases a huge load of endorphin like substances and you go "gently into that goodnight".
its just life!



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