I really enjoy his lectures. I hope you enjoy this one.



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Yes they are.. It's already proven in the fusion of Chromosome #2 and the differences in C-banding in the genome. :) Creationists will ignore this because they think science is a conspiracy though.

I rather enjoyed that video :) Thanks for sharing! And here is an interesting link :)


So did I...Really nice find.


I will have to wait until after work to watch this. But yes humans are another species of primates. We are way more closely related to chimps and bonoboes than most primates are related to each other.

We do somewhat appear way different because of our success at controlling and mastering our environment due to us having a few traits unique to us, greater abilities at language, self consciousness, and complex logic of certain types. This isn't really significantly different tho, than how elephants are different from their close relatives in that only they have those long prehensile noses.
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You know that video of the monkey peeing in its own mouth. My little brother.
I managed to listen to most of this and found it quite interesting. Sapolsky successfuly demonstrates how, mostly thru our use of language, we have come to be unique in a rather significant manner.




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