Are known atheists more likely to be convicted of violent crimes?

This question came to me after watching a forensics show recently. This lady in Atlanta had been killed and the DA had a pretty strong case against her husband. One of the husband's good friends (whom he owed money to) was also killed. The husband said the friend had came into his house (thinking it empty) to rob him for the debt and surprised the wife, so he killed her, then husband came in and killed friend in self defense. Both men were bookies, by the way.

One of the things introduced in the trial by the prosecution was the idea that the couple was having big problems, including their difference of religion. She was a Christian with "very strong feelings" about her spirituality. He was atheist. Again, the prosecution already had a good case without this tidbit.

What stood out to me was the jury deliberation time. They came back with a guilty in 45 minutes. That's awful damn fast. Do you think the jury just thought "sure he's guilty because atheists have no morals"? Seemed like it was at least a contributing factor.

So, if one of us was on trial for murder or some other violent crime, do you think it would sway a jury to "guilty" due to our lack of religion?

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A sad memory, even as it is what happened.

A happy middle of your life story, with the future yet to grow. 

Also, many people become minsters because they already HAVE a criminal record and are not able to secure a 'normal', benefits-paying job. They might have misdeameaner many company policies or HR bans (i.e. sexual assault, pedophelia, drugs, battery, theft, money-related etc). In order to make easy $$ & have groups of stupid people 'accept' them as a flock-member, they start going to a church then proclaim they want to be clergy. The presiding Minister is just happy to have someone interested in covering for him so he can take church-paid personal Vacations (aka... 'Retreats). Once a person states they want to Preach the bible, word of god....they are 'golden' in society's eyes. Never do congregation members think to look up the clergy-in-training person's public criminal records. Never do they question the clergy's handling monies or working closely with kids and young adults. Never do they question the clergyman's pulling a beautiful young 'troubled' female into the rectory to 'counsel' her... 'comfort' her. They stand-by that clergyman should he get busted as a Rapist or Money Launderer etc...after-all... 'he was a faithful Church Leader who just erred becuase of a man-temptation'

Joan, where did you get these data?  Just curious.


Slow down, booklover; you are a member ot the set "people".

I would say that being faithful is perceived as a virtue by many.

"Don't give me the facts, this is what I believe!" or "This is how I feel!" or "This is what the bible tells me to do!"

People need to understand that there is a difference between belief and facts, and that feelings are an emotional reaction that may or may not be backed up with evidence. They also need to learn the bible is full of violence, both in the new and old testaments. 

Some have called me emotional because of my dedication to anti-violence, especially in families, even as those same people do not realize the numbers of assaults, injuries and deaths that occur within and between family members.


What's the name of the forensics show?  Is it on Youtube?  I watch a lot of Datelines etc. on Youtube.

I was talking about shows on ID Discovery, but You Tube might have them if you search the right keywords. If you know the shows name you might search like "watch Cold Case online" or something like that. Everything that has ever been on TV is stored someplace on a cloud service. If you have the right info or repo you can retrieve that and watch it. This is why I use XBMC which will soon change to "Koni" because of legal battles with XBox. The software is free and it is streaming software.

What I have said above about TV is also the same for movies.

I was asking roland707, who was talking about a forensics show they saw.

Oh yes! The same problem I get myself into. To avoid confusion, use @roland707 to direct your comment to a specific person. 

@Micael Penn, thanks for the XBMC and Koni information. 

Sorry Michael, I misspelled your name and didn't catch it. 

You are very welcome, only now I find I was in error. The next edition of the program will be called "kodi" and not "koni." Apparently this is a legal issue but the program will continue to go on. The newer issues of it will have this new name, kodi. Find out how t installl it in You Tube. XBMC same now as kodi.



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