A report about another prominent fundie suggesting a partnership between progressives and radical Islamists...


If you thought former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was a lone voice in the wilderness when he linked secular atheists and radical Islam as partners in politics a couple of weeks ago, think again. That and similar fare have been emerging as new political talking points on the religious right. Only a couple of weeks earlier, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) -you may remember him for his earlier revelations on the "terror baby" conspiracy* - told a talk radio audience that "extreme leftist media" and radical jihadists have "thrown in together" to take over America because “they hate conservatives and they don’t care that much for Christianity.”
The latest to join the choir (so to speak) is Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel, a conservative Christian public interest law firm associated with Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. On his Faith and Freedom radio show, Barber also talks about this alleged linkage...
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I'm a liberal-radical, and I think Islam is the stupidest of all the religions with christ-tardity running a close second. Did I miss the hand-out?
I can see that equation being leveled at liberals, but not secularists. Hitchens has a quote that goes something like "Unfortunately, all that stands between Western Civilization and its destruction at the hands of fundamentalist Moslems are fundamentalist Christians and the 101st airborne division".




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