Are more Americans becoming disconnected with religion?

Of course more citizens of the USA disconnect from religion. Just look around you in your community and around the Earth. Who are standing with hate signs? Who are bombing women's health centers? Who are destroying villages, polluting soils, water and air with their hate? Who kill GLBTs?  

Have you notice how people who know how to communicate, solve problems, resolve conflicts, build communities and work together as team members creating coalitions do so without having to rely on an unseen and unheard communicator.  

Turning to ancient texts of goat herding people to decide who should live and who should die is not the way to make decisions. Listening to the rhetoric of people who don't understand how to bring about communities to build decent living for all do not know how to build live in diversity. Listening to the propaganda of those who would manipulate and exploit workers is not the way to meet challenges facing us. 

Preaching and teaching principles that create division instead of seeking out and developing principles based on systems of justice result in continued conflict. 

Religion offers nothing needed to grow a community of diversity. 

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Here's the thing:

The "nones" are increasing in number, granted, but the nones as a complete group are not necessarily atheists, nor are they necessarily going to become atheists as a matter of course.  Many of them are apatheists - they couldn't give a good rip about god or religion, and as long as neither picks their pocket nor breaks their leg, they're not likely to do much of nuts about religion at any level.  That leaves it to us to educate them regarding their indifference.

Indeed, this is what we need to do generally: shine a light on the irrationality and resulting danger represented by theism ... and Not Back Down.

Loren, I agree with you,  to Not Back Down. Muslim terrorists are not something we can do by timid steps. They won't stop because they gain every day they remain alive. 

However, I have to say that the USA is not innocent in this coming disaster, and we have to be as diligent to get rid of the war-mongers in our country. The fact that torture came with the change of administration, that foreign policy has the same philosophy as the old war-hawks, the cabinet members consists of Monsanto men, others who have business interests ahead of people. They just simply do not see the disaster they create through their faulty reasoning. They have the audacity to blame people for being poor. 

I recommend you read Ruth's piece and my teasing out action words and strategies from her work. What she says has merit, and she has offered about as clear a plan as I can see. At least, there are enough jobs to be done; it would take a thousand people committed to a common goal to achieve them. 

Learn from marketing to save us all

Joan, I agree with both you and Loren, but I'm seeing a way that religion "works" that goes right over the heads of a lot of people. My theist friend always tells me in defense of things I mention, "yes, but those are not real Christians." That leaves every individual and most Evangelicals and fundies open to believe they are the only true believers. This is how it all keeps growing and going.

Not far from me is a huge church with "Living Word Church" on the building. It's like a mega church and I'm sure others share that name as well. Once upon a time all of these were smaller. As they grew and got money behind them they united and started a Podunk college of sorts. The idea is to rival anything the other Evangelicals have and be just as "great." Members might be people who got pissed at some of the others, so they came here. One church somewhere believed 10 things but this group wanted to believe 12, for example. One man wanted to claim he was prayed for and "raised from the dead" because he had a heart attack in church. Whether he succeeds with this depends on his money and who he is to the church.

The irony here is that this is how all the different churches got started in the first place. It's been that way ever since Martin Luther. Denominations and members just keep growing. Rather than wake up and see that there is no god, these people want god and they "want him their way." To the public they say that others also have their "truth" in religion. Privately they are the only truth.

Hence the saying about others, "yes, but they are not real Christians."

" Rather than wake up and see that there is no god, these people want god and they "want him their way."'

(with apologies to Monty Python)

What would motivate these groups to work for a common goal? 

Agnostics, Anti-theists, Atheists, Brights, Critical Thinkers, Cynics, Disbelievers, Doubters, Freethinkers, Gnostics, Heathens, Heretics, Humanists, Iconoclasts, Infidels, Irreligious, Nihilists, Pagans, Questioners, Rationalists, Scoffers, Secular, Secular Humanists, Skeptics, Spiritual Humanists, and Unbelievers.

What would motivate a herd of cats to work for a common goal? 

Or what would motivate a flock of ducks to work for a common goal? 

What would motivate a herd of cats to work for a common goal?

Enlightened self-interest!

Thanks to Ruth for highlighting techniques we can "borrow" from marketers who fueled the fanatical following Apple and a few other companies have, techniques themselves "borrowed" from religions -- things we can do to help create that enlightenment!

If the Americans are waking up there's hope. I personally doubt it. Forty per- cent (correct me if I'm wrong) believe in angels, Lucifer himself would shake his head if asked to open American eyes. They're in a state of the union sleepwalk, they simply don't want to here about happenstance, it contravenes scripture. So long as the promised land was at the end of the march a penny whistle would inspire them, bang a drum and you'd have a pilgrimage. The road to reality is gonna be a long trek.

Christians believe that the job of the devil is to convince you that he doesn't exist. I've heard this my entire lifetime but the statement doesn't follow their scriptures. In fact, over half of what they believe is not found in their scriptures.

Most xians cherry-pick the buybull verses that agree with their beliefs; they never read the whole ugly thing:

Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.
Isaac Asimov

People who spend their lives sewing doll clothes for a figment of their imagination have no business running a country, making laws, interfering in people’s sex lives, teaching in public schools, or getting us into wars against people who make a different kind of doll clothes for a different figment of the imagination.
Ursula K. LeGuin

That's the truth.

Great Ursula LeGuin quote, sk8eycat!




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