Are more Americans becoming disconnected with religion?

Of course more citizens of the USA disconnect from religion. Just look around you in your community and around the Earth. Who are standing with hate signs? Who are bombing women's health centers? Who are destroying villages, polluting soils, water and air with their hate? Who kill GLBTs?  

Have you notice how people who know how to communicate, solve problems, resolve conflicts, build communities and work together as team members creating coalitions do so without having to rely on an unseen and unheard communicator.  

Turning to ancient texts of goat herding people to decide who should live and who should die is not the way to make decisions. Listening to the rhetoric of people who don't understand how to bring about communities to build decent living for all do not know how to build live in diversity. Listening to the propaganda of those who would manipulate and exploit workers is not the way to meet challenges facing us. 

Preaching and teaching principles that create division instead of seeking out and developing principles based on systems of justice result in continued conflict. 

Religion offers nothing needed to grow a community of diversity. 

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That was part of her speech when she accepted FFRF's The Emperor Has No Clothes award a few years ago.

That LeGuin quote is a keeper!

Your right Michael the devil can't get a word in.

Politically motivated Christian fanaticism, displayed with a hand on the heart and a lascivious prayer to the heavens, epitomises American theology. Religions a badge, a coat-collar advertisement designed to fool a populace spellbound by ancient European superstitions. Few in America, outside of the bible belt, contemplate the fundamental implications of 'piety'; godliness being a necessary evil, an inherited cultural requirement on the CV of any potential eternalist. The whole paraphernalia appears to us shockingly infantile and yet it's the simple truth for many.

I always have to laugh when people put their hand over their left tit instead of where their heart really is.

Joan goal? 

Agnostics, Anti-theists, Atheists, Brights, Critical Thinkers, Cynics, Disbelievers, Doubters, Freethinkers, Gnostics, Heathens, Heretics, Humanists, Iconoclasts, Infidels, Irreligious, Nihilists, Pagans, Questioners, Rationalists, Scoffers, Secular, Secular Humanists, Skeptics, Spiritual Humanists, and Unbelievers.

What's the common goal?


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