Ok, I was reading the Skepitc's annotated book of mormon for a laugh and found this not so funny:

And it shall come to pass, that those who have dwindled in unbelief shall be smitten by the hand of the Gentiles.
God will get the Gentiles to kill all those who "dwindle in unbelief."}

It's in the book of Nephi.
Should I no longer answer the door to these crazy people?

P.S: yes I was bored and didnt know much about Mormons so I thought I might do some reading.

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What's really scary is "Blood Atonement". Most Mormons don't even know about it, since it's in the Journal of Discourses, but Brigham Young said that if someone commits a sin against the Holy Ghost (like premarital sex or murder) the only way for them to be forgiven by Jesus is to die by having their blood spilled. Luckily, as I said, most Mormons don't know about it, and hopefully wouldn't take their religion that seriously anyway....
When I read about FLDS, I think Warren Jeffs was talking about getting enough money and privacy to be able to do it.
Brigham Young's grandson was convicted of killing a woman in New York (who solicited sex), and there was some rumors of the idea of "Blood Atonement" going around with that.

Actually we had a discussion in one of my classes, since there's apparently no such thing as separating church and state here, and some people said that if the prophet ordered them to kill themselves, they probably would. A lot of them said no though. Which is a good call anyways since he's hella old...
Would be funny/tragic if they did. The Mormon version of Jonestown; they'd catch a firestorm of bad publicity.
Everyone picks and chooses pieces of their Faith to follow, while at the same time claiming not to. The world would be a scarier place if they didn't, however. My attitude always was: If you can't/won't/shouldn't follow all of it, why follow any of it? I told this to my father and he labeled me "extremist". I stated to him how that was possible, since that's really the only "correct" way to follow a religion in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I'm an anti-theist and I hate religion, but how does it make any sense to only follow some parts of a faith if you believe all of it to be true? Religion is a headache.
Only makes sense in that if a religion is contradictory, there is no way to follow all of it.
A sad and unnecessary one the affects not just those who choose to believe it, but those who chose not to (or not to care).
It's all organized and institution stupidity. It's hard to take them serious until they start talking about smiting the unbelievers and infidels - then they become real scary.
What a shitty affliction on our species.
Mormons are such creepers.
Bravo on reading the book of Mormons. i found it to be one of the weirdest religious text. I am glad to see that people read the books that others have faith in. It is not fair to argue against theism without knowing in detail what you are up against. Besides some of the religious text are quite good fiction.
I'm impressed that you've actually started it. You want a real laugh read the book of abraham!
Mormmons are not allowed people to drink teas, but some teas are made from herbs, not exciting people's mind, can help cure some disease or predicate it.
Can not explain why they forbidden drinking teas, there are many teas in the world now,some are for diet, some are for high blood pressure, or sleepless, Mormmon knowledge ,can not be accordance with the other knowledge on this way.




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