Ok, I was reading the Skepitc's annotated book of mormon for a laugh and found this not so funny:

And it shall come to pass, that those who have dwindled in unbelief shall be smitten by the hand of the Gentiles.
God will get the Gentiles to kill all those who "dwindle in unbelief."}

It's in the book of Nephi.
Should I no longer answer the door to these crazy people?

P.S: yes I was bored and didnt know much about Mormons so I thought I might do some reading.

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I was raised Mormon and I still don't understand why they can't drink tea. . .
My mom tells me (as a convert herself) it's about not having substances that could affect the mind. Anything that is a drug, therefore, including stimulants like coffee or tea, is out. By rights they should eschew prescription drugs, but they do have one of the largest demographics abusing prescription medications. Mom does take caffeine in cola form and drinks tea occasionally. Strangely, there's a plant called 'Mormon Tea' which is rather high in stimulant properties, but they didn't guess that before it got its name.
I stay away from colas for the HFCS. Love the caff!
There's a decent podcast with two ex-Mormons called Irreligiosophy. They even have a group here on A/N. A lot of their podcasts deal with shredding the Mormon faith. That Joseph Smith was one wacky prophet.
Ad hominem Mormon bashing is popular and easy to do because their beliefs are, to put it mildly, on the fringe. However, as a Utard, born and raised (on the playground where I spent most of my days), I grew up in a secular-/agnostic-/who gives a shit household and had tons of mormon friends growing up, and still currently have extended family members who are gratified Mos. This being the case, I feel pretty secure in saying that these people are far from the dangerous bridge trolls that they're often made out to be by people who have had very limited, if any, exposure to them.

I am absolutely not defending their ideology. It's pretty wacky and, at times, downright silly, but then again name one religious ethos that isn't. And to use the non sequitur argument that their beliefs make them bad people is taking things a bit too far. In my 24 years of dealing with these folk, even as a secular - and later full-blown atheist - person, I'll be the first to say that most of them would much sooner invite you into their home and serve you Rice Krispy treats and juice than murder you in the name of Gordon B. Hinckley.

Yes, there are the occasional outlying by-the-book crazies who are happy to live in their Mo-bubble and condemn others for being nonbelievers, but again: name one religion that doesn't have those people. And, yes, It's pretty ballsy, dumb, and just plain scary that they send 18 year old kids alone out into the world for two straight years to fulfill their "mission" of knocking on strange doors to tout about their stupid church. But, for the most part, their just doing the ol' I learned it from watching you! bit that all young upstart religions do.

They really are, on the whole, very happy, moral, fun-loving people who will always be the first in line to help you move all your crap into a new house or sod your lawn, and never even ask for as much as a "thank you". So if you're going to attack the absurd Mormon faith, go right on ahead (Native Americans are dark skinned because they're cursed by God? Say whaaaaaat?). But don't falsely accuse the poor suckers (many of which are believers purely through indoctrination) of being monstrous in any way, because it's simply not true.
Thanks for pointing this out. It's a good thing to remind people - yes, the Koran tells Muslims to kill people, but then so does every other holy book. Mormonism has very different cultural practices, but it's not necessarily inherently worse than any other religion, and it's good to keep that in mind - especially since there are so many people who don't know that since they don't come into contact with it as much as their local congregations.
I've done a lot of studying about Mormon, since I live in the middle of Mormonland. Calling them happy may be a mistake. There is more prozac use in Utah than anywhere else in the country. (USA) I guess that might make them happy. But Morg women are trained to be Stepford wives.

There are many sites for those interested in studying up: exmormon.org; Richard Packaham's page; utlm.org which is a religious site but has spent a lot of time dissecting Mormonism.

Here are some interesting bits:

Brigham Young liked tea. Its use hadn't been condemned so heartily during his life and he wasn't particularly against coffee or tobacco, either.

The Book of Mormon says that you don't have to be baptized to get into the lowest Celestial kingdom, but they are near-psychotic about "doing temple work," much of which is baptizing the dead. They got into some trouble when it was found out that they were secretly baptizing Jews, who understandably became quite angry over it.

Mormon boys are taught to give their personal testimony from an early age, and that if they keep doing it, they will eventually believe it. Testimonies usually contain such things as: 'I believe Mormon is true,' 'I believe Joseph Smith was a real prophet,' etc.

When you combine those who gave up on Mormonism but never officially withdrew their names with those who have, you get a number larger than the number of active Mormons. And the number of members who officially withdraw is ~100,000 per year. In foreign countries, missionaries spend about 18 months each trying to get converts and once they leave, many who converted stop participating.

A really good look at Mormonism from the inside can be found in a book called, "The Mormon Cult," written by former Mormon missionary Jack Worthy, who went on a mission to Hong Kong. It's very readable and actually enjoyable.

What people who convert to Mormonism don't realize is that they're going to be put to work. They will receive "callings" to do temple work or other things that keep them so busy they never have time to just sit and think. In addition to the call to missionary work at a young age, many Mormons are called to go on a mission after the kids are out of the house, quite frequently when they're up in their 60s or even 80s. Many are sent on missions within the U.S.

I still have trouble deciding whether the missionaries who come to my door are lying or if they really don't know the answers to the questions I pose. They never seem to know anything about the stories of how Mormonism came to be, such as the seer stones and the Urimm and the Thummim used to translate the fabled Golden Plates. But Mormons are given the injunction to give out "milk before meat" and there no longer seems to be any rule against lying to "Gentiles." With religion, the end always justifies the means.

Seems like if there's a connection to Mexican/Black/Whites only/Asian and or whatever flavor of human in jail.. in jail.. they could create a mercenary army perhaps...


Mormons... you mean the Moneymons...
millions (that's w/an m) offshore bank accounts could theoretically take all the money from the US banks and poof!? no more economy? ugh oh.. Utah's Mormoncentric NSA may be reading this I"m out!

The Mormons aren't going to kill us.

For one thing, they're a minority. They are looked upon as insane by most Christians. They do not wish to call attention to themselves as a violent sect. And they are not growing at any appreciable rate, in spite of their ludicrous claims.

And "gentiles," to a Mormon, means anyone not a Mormon. Therefore, saying that those who do not believe will be smitten by gentiles means by non-Mormons. There's this weird concept in Mormonism involving the idea of Native Americans being descended from Jews. The bad Jews were black and the good Jews were white and delightsome. These are the actors in the Mormon drama. There is a belief that the dark-skinned Jews survived the wars between the groups and as they become Mormons they will become white and delightsome, too. Similarly, among some, there is this idea that the Mormons are becoming more Jewish. I know, right?

So, to the dismay of actual Jews, the Mormons refer to non-Mormons as gentiles. Maybe there was some logic in what I wrote above, maybe not.


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