No offense to my American friends, but it is well known that an atheist could never be elected President of the United States, at least for the foreseeable future. Since to be a theist one must be delusional, every U.S. President must either be delusional or a closeted atheist, in other words a liar.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that the fact that the leader of the free world must be either delusional or a liar pretty disturbing.

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There are politicians that don't lie?
A little cynical I would say. What about lawyers, physicians, plumbers, salespeople, etc? There are liars and honest people in every profession.
I don't know if delusional is the same as lying--is it a lie if you believe it's true?

I think Susan is right though, politicians need to at least put some slick spin on something in order to gain popularity. Isn't that why Jimmy Carter wasn't re-elected, because he was honest about things in the country and it bummed everyone out? (I wasn't born yet, so I could be wrong.)
I didn't say that delusional and lying are the same thing. I said that Presidents have to be one or the other (or both).

About carter, I don't know if he was honest but he was certainly delusional, about many things.
I am sure there is some bullshitting going on like everything else in politics!
One advantage that the United States has is that the Constitution states that there can be no religious test for any public office. In other words, there is no law that the President must be a theist. It is simply a reflection of the public mood in the country.

In contrast, I see you come from Canada. They have an interesting conundrum. Officially, the head of state is the Queen, and that will be continued through her heirs. However, one can lose their place in the line of succession for simply marrying a Catholic. In fact, George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews and son of the Duke of Kent, should theoretically be 25th in line to the throne, but he lost his place for marrying a Catholic. By extension, one may not be Head of State of Canada by law if they so much as marry a Catholic. Of course, no one cares about that, and the Governor General can be just about anything. On the other hand, from a purely legal perspective, the law in Canada, if not public opinion, is much more rigid.
Good point. The royalty is less and less popular in Canada. Sooner or later we'll become a republic.
Also the Queen is the head of the the Angelic Church as well as the head of state making Canada a theocracy, even if it is in name only.
Did you purposely misspell that?
Thankfully this clown isn't the leader of the free world. How could an educated electorate ever vote for such a delusional politician?
Some former presidents are known atheists, this was before Nixon. But to answer your question, no I don't think they are liars when it comes to their faith.
With all respect, I don't think there is anything inherently wrong about lying. I think we all acknowledge that there are appropriate times to lie and that being a head of state likely, and unfortunately, gives you plenty of good reasons to. We lie to our children, our family members, and our friends when we think it's in their best interest. Why should we expect our leaders to do otherwise?




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