Are the cops hinting they are going to discriminate or brutalize atheists in Tazwell IL?

What is the real purpose of posing with their guns showing beside the signs "In God We Trust" on their police cars?  Is this not a not too covert warning that they are planning to enforce the respect or observance of their religion by force? Are they hinting that they will brutalize atheists who show disrespect of religion? Are these guys, in fact, launching their form of a Holy Inquisition?  Why don't we publicize what we think are their likely motives and let the chips fall where they may? Sure we may get lambasted as paranoids but we will plant an idea that may explain much of their future behaviors and one that will be hard for them to escape.

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Can these IGWT signs on the backs of cop cars be used as additional evidence of police bias against nonbelievers in cases in which they are abusive toward atheists? Maybe they are putting themselves in a disadvantage situation with these signs.




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