I hesitate to ask this question because I don’t want to be rude.  My mother taught me to not say anything unless I have something nice to say.  In addition, some of my best friends claim to be theists.  But I can’t help wonder:  are theists stupid?


How can anyone older than ten and not mentally challenged really believe that there is a being up in the sky watching our every move and listening to our prayers?


Again, I don’t want to be rude or judgemental, but what the heck are they thinking???

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I wouldn't give a blanket "stupid." I've known some very highly educated, high-IQ theists. But for the otherwise rational-minded, I think it must take a certain amount of willful denial of the glaring logical fallacies in front of you.

An amount of denial I tried, and failed, to commit to as a child for the sake of 'fitting in' with a theistic world.

In a lot of cases I think it's less a case of stupidity and more a case of either conformity, pride, or both. They wish to conform to what their family/peers/perceived greater society wants. They are too proud to say "Oops, I was wrong and wasted all those Sundays at church."
So you are saying that they are either stupid or lying to themselves?
So you are saying that they are either stupid or lying to themselves?

Sort of, yeah.

Growing up, I carefully avoided thinking too much about certain questions, knowing deep down the answer would result in major cognitive dissonance. I can't imagine anyone with an ounce of rationality doesn't go through the same thing when pondering their religious beliefs.

Then again, it could also be partly my Autistic brain. I understand Neurotypicals are much, much more skilled at questioning A, B, and C, but not even blinking when asked to apply the same standard of criticism to D.
I don't think that believing in God is in the same category as being a communist. Although I am not a communist, it is a practical philosphy that could theoretically work, and has worked to a very limited extent. Theism on the other hand says that there ia papa in the sky watching over us -- there is simply no logic to it.
There is a logical side to ritual, but it is entirely psychological. For many traditions I would imagine it has more to do with effecting the psyche in such a way that they become totally obsessed with such, but in the case of the more practical, ritual can be used to carefully train the mind to effect something in your life. This is why those practicing occultism believe they are achieving something. Because of the psychological effect, if they do a ritual for getting a job, the message is implanted within their subconscious that this must happen. That can have a very positive outcome. Yet they never seem to question why they can't float or any other legendary feat.
Not so much stupid as they lack a general drive to educate themselves. Basically, most whom I have known who were theists are people who follow whatever is handed to them, with no desire to challenge what they get first. However, the second option is always challenged, as they are too lazy to observe the new possibility. I left the religion because I got tired of having to choose between what I'm told and common sense. Even as a small child I always wondered how we even knew any of it was true. At that time it was everywhere for me, so it seemed that it had to be the only way. That changed as I got older.

A pretty good portion of them, however, probably are pretty stupid. I've met a good share of them. But it isn't the religion that makes them idiots. They are just simply idiots, and from what I could tell, they were choosing to be so. Though many who stick with religion are uneducated individuals. Maybe not the majority, but definitely a good number. This also flows into politics, but that's one area I'm not as passionate about debating, and thus prefer to leave it alone. :) Usually...
Have had Rush's "Freewill" running through my head for a week now. If a song must be stuck in your head, it's not a bad song at all. Anyway...

In particular, I keep pondering the line "You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice."

That second bit has always struck a major chord with me. Particularly when I finally started digging deep into Christian history. It was then I realized I'd been avoiding it because I was afraid I wouldn't like the answers I found.

In other words, I spent my first few years of adulthood "choosing not to decide."

So while I try not to proselytize Atheism the way a Theist proselytizes, I do feel honor-bound to put information out there. A Xian reads one of my evil-bible-verses t-shirts, and no matter what, they are now faced with a choice: See if it's true and face the cognitive dissonance or choose to ignore it and pretend it isn't true.

Choose to seek truth or choose ignorance. Either way, it's still a choice.


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