Are there any atheist in the military or ex military?

I just want to know if there are any atheist that are or were military and how was your experience being atheist?

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Hey Damond, there's a military atheist group here on Atheist Nexus.

I see you're about to retire! I'm jealous. My contract ends in 2015, and I am not re-enlisting (I found out what profession I wanted to be in after I joined the Army).
A few of the soldiers in my section have seen my "NO REL PREF" dogtags. Nothing really happened; maybe a brief surprised look.
There's a SFC that's second in command to the acting first sergeant, and he's pretty open about his judeo-christian god.
Also, there're two chaplain's assistants in the unit, but no chaplains, so the commander is effectively one.
They don't really have any work, so they'll probably be helping me with administrative work. arrgh

...Not too bad so far.
Oh ok thanx for that info! I am getting out on a medical retirement! My military days are over! As far as my experience, I have filed a few complaints that were pretty much swept under the rug! The latest one was a mandatory briefing they had us attend after 1800! The brigade chaplain had the nerve to grab the mic and shout who is for jesus and some other things that pissed me off! I felt it was wrong because that wasn't the time nor place for it!
Have you heard about the atheists going to Washington? One of the issues they brought up was proselytizing in the military. It'll probably be swept under the rug, as well, though.

Now that you're out of the military, what job are you going for?
Well I have a job lined up in Iraq but I have to wait until my disability rating becomes permanent! They have me on temporary duty retirement list! The money is really good but I don't think I really want to go back to Iraq! Yeah I'm in fort hood so people proselytize all day long! I usually be polite but they are relentless! When I get rude then they feel persecuted!!!
Ahh, double-standards. You should expect it from christians and muslims.
Yeah and boy do they get pissed lol! I am having a discussion on facebook right now! I think I pissed a bunch of people off! Well they know I am atheist so I dunno why they continue to run the god subject by me because all I am doing is voicing my opinion! They make posts on how god is so good etc etc! But there is a double standard! One of my friends was open minded enough to ask me a lot of questions but she went at it in a way that I felt as if I was an alien that just landed and opened the door to the spacecraft! I pretty much feel like an outsider everywhere I go
Geez, I cannot feel your pain, haha. I'm not risking any damage to my reputation in the unit by complaining to E.O. if anything happens. I don't want to deal with the headache you're going through. I just want to lie low until I'm 25 and then get the hell out of the Army :P
I'll just tell them I'm Buddhist or something.
I don't know how you're going to deal with the proselytizing. Maybe they'll get tired of it, hopefully.
I mean i'm out of there now! I'm on terminal lv until may 23 so I really don't have to deal with it anymore! But I really don't mind stirring people up! That's the only way you can get something accomplished! I understand that you are pretty fresh into it but you do have rights! I wish I were the way I am now, when I first joined! That's what EO is in place for! I bet that if you were to just say something bad about religion and someone were to get all butthurt about it, they would not mind going to EO, even if they don't have a legit complaint! That is the way people are! I am sure that I had plenty of complaints filed against me for "disrespecting" their religion! But it's not legit because I can say whatever I want to say! And I don't respect anyone religion! Now the don't ask don't tell policy should apply to religion because people throw it in your face but get all offended when you speak your mind! So I feel that they should just keep it to themselves!
I'll probably be more open about it during my last year of enlistment :)
Anyways, good luck on whatever you're planning to do!
I may just go to school and try to get my back fixed also!
How's your experience?
Yeah your experience does not seem as bad! Now they have the prayer breakfast and "spiritual fitness" etc! When I filed a complaint against that chaplain, I called IG and they basically told me to just deal with it! They said there are mandatory spiritual briefings and stuff like that! I told him that if I wanted to hear that I would go to church! But I do not know where to draw the line in the sand with these folks! I am almost out of there but I look out for the young soldiers also! I felt like the minority throughout most of my career! It should not be that way in an environment that they say is so professional!


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