Recently, while browsing through the groups, I came across a Pro-life group. It has only one member-it's founder, and that got me to thinking...Are there any pro-life atheists out there? And being that most, if not all arguments I've heard against abortions are usually religious in nature, what would be the atheists argument(s) against abortion?

Personally, I am pro-choice. I fully support every womans right to choose.

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Oh, and I also support comprehensive sex ed.
What is that URL again? |4|.org? It doesn't lead anywhere.
Socially, I'm pro-choice. I think it is horrible for a government or other group to force a pro-life stance on it's people. However, personally I'm pro-life. Being socially pro-life and male means I don't actually have much choice in the issue, but I don't think I could opt to abort a life I created given the choice. I realize that it might only be a group of a few cells but the idea of it bothers me. I can't exactly explain why, I just know that it does.

Having said all that, I'm not sure that I would ever want to have children anyway! I have friends who adopted and I really think that's the way to go for a bunch of reasons, in the case that I do want to raise a child someday.

What a strange answer, I haven't really thought this out before.
I'm an atheist, I put myself in the center-left political sphere, but I personally don't like abortions: I wouldn't have one (isn't something called adoption out there?), though I do think that there could be cases in which abortion could be right-extreme cases like a fetus without brain which would kill the mother. I don't think that having an abortion because either you're poor (hence you can't give the kid a good life), or the baby it's mentally retarded (wtf), or you're just plain irresponsible and dumb, is ok.
I'm a law student and as a naturalist, I think that there is a natural law at there that manifests it self in various situations in every human, that we can know with the use of reason...Thinking about that, I doubt that there's anyone out there that won't be disturbed with the images of burn or crashed fetuses after abortions...with a reason. Yep, abortions have been performed since forever, but that doesn't make them any less immoral. Fetuses are a potential human beings that need nothing but time for being a person, as opposite of mother cells, that need outside agents for becoming a human. Then killing an implanted fetus is like an homicide; the fetus is innocent (has it done anything besides being an unwanted child?) and it can't defend it self. Plus I can't see how a fetus is an extension of the mother as a limb is; it is a separate human, but in an extreme temporal dependency...born kids are almost as dependent as they were as a fetus. Then is not something that she can choose freely to do, but only in select cases.
The problem with abortion, for me, is that is political! It has become a discussion between conservative and liberals, between civil right defenders and contra-reactionaries, and the point has been lost; the discussion could be centered in things that can be fixed, like the problem of poorness, sex education, health, etc.
"Fetuses are a potential human beings ..."

Cue Monty Python: "Every sperm is sacred ..."
I personally am pro-choice. I think abortion is ethically wrong, but my belief that a woman should WANT a child she is pregnant with overrides that belief.

Take a look at this site:
You can't force a woman to want a child..I was also unwanted.
"I'm pro-life. Which is why I'm pro-choice. I am sick of the human life being devalued by war, capital punishment, torture, overpopulation, and just a shitty attitude toward our fellow man."

Why can't you be against war, capital punishment, torture, overpopulation, etc. AND against abortion.

It's called the Consistent Ethic of Life, largely held by pro-life liberals.

I am a pro-life liberal atheist.

Did I just blow your mind>
Consistent Ethic of Life, huh?

Are you a vegan? Do you only eat fruit? A plant is exactly as a alive as a fetus.

What is your stance on antibiotics?

Do you oppose killing in self defense? I mean, a rapist is alive and he's only trying to use a woman's body against her will for nine minutes, not nine months! So she shouldn't be able to shoot in self defense, right? Because life comes before liberty and bodily domain, right?

If all killing is equivalent to murder, then what do you propose the punishment should be for killing in self defense? Or killing for food?

Most importantly: How should a woman who has an illegal abortion be punished? Something can't be illegal without a punishment. Millions of women have abortions, and abortion bans have not been shown to be effective in actually reducing the amount performed. How do you plan to punish them?

You must understand that by making abortion illegal, you are forcing women to remain pregnant and give birth against their will. I think you owe us an explanation.
"What is that URL again? |4|.org? It doesn't lead anywhere."

l4l, not |4|.
pro life athiests?
arnt there already too many crazy people in the world causing all the problems?
This is about semantics. What does pro-life and pro-choice mean? A good starting point that I have heard is that abortion should be a decision between the woman, her family and her doctor.

Personally I stick with the above and think that I disagree with abortion being used as a contraceptive which I doubt it is very much. And research shows that a policy of abstinence doesn't lead to less teenage pregnancies. Ask Governor Palin.

Christians want to move you into black and white debates. The whole "pro-life" label shows that. How could any rational personal person be anything other than pro-life? Ask George Bush and his record of executions in Texas while he was governor.



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