Recently, while browsing through the groups, I came across a Pro-life group. It has only one member-it's founder, and that got me to thinking...Are there any pro-life atheists out there? And being that most, if not all arguments I've heard against abortions are usually religious in nature, what would be the atheists argument(s) against abortion?

Personally, I am pro-choice. I fully support every womans right to choose.

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I would never put the life of an unconscious embryo or fetus over the mother's wishes. I do think late term abortions are acceptable in life-threatening situations.

I am PRO LIFE. I've had four children, but I do know that in some cases abortion is necessary for a number of reasons. In nature when there is a problem, nature takes care of it one way or another. Even animals love their children and are very disturbed when something happens to one, or all of them. I love my children very much. For me, when they were very young everyday was like Christmas. Even an atheist or agnostic can love. There is still a mystery surrounding the "spark of life." I'm not intelligent enough to know about how it started, and I don't care either. It is, therefore I am. I consider the "unknown" in this, is God, not in the religious sense, but as a force of creation. Only mankind has the ego to think Mankind is God's creation. We are no different than the animals except that in every way we as a species are far inferior to are animal relatives. We are the only species that invents weapons to destroy are own kind, and in that we've exceeded every ones imagination. Man is a herd animal, exhibiting the behaviors of the herd, but like in some animal herds they have members that go "rogue."
Even as a woman myself, I don't feel the need to invade another woman's body.
I am Pro-Life, therefore I wouldn't have an abortion if I were a women. What someone else chooses to do is a very personal thing. Government, as far as I'm concerned, should have no say in the matter whatsoever. My ideas of when life begins will differ from someone else. It's personal and since nobody has been able to prove when life begins we should all hold our tongues unless we are the ones faced with the decision to have an abortion or not.
Well if by Pro-Life you mean for life, Im total for living i do it all the time. But I also love choosing things so im Pro-Choice too.

Plenty of people (and atheists too) believe in the inherent value of a human life. I do, But i dont think telling someone they cant(or have too) have a abortion is right. What people do with there lives is their business. I may not like the idea of it dosnt mean i have a right to tell other people what they can do with their bodies.
I'm pro-choice, but I put limits on it.

I support it up to 3 months, via the mothers choice, then after that medical necessity.

I think there is a lot of ignorance around abortion and an un-willingness for the pro-choice group to admit, they are killing a human being and what a fetus goes through during stages of development. A 5 month old fetus may not be a fully developed human yet, even though they look it.. but at this age, we start to get into a very grey area wether we like it or not.

Saying it is the killing of a human makes us feel rather uncomfortable. And it should(if we are to survive as a species).

So, Yes I support it, but I do think at a certain point, the fetus rights, takes over from the mother, unless there is risk (true risk, not just some psycho babble).

I was told in Brazil, the law was no matter WHAT abortion was wrong. An ectopic pregnacy still must continue until the womans tubes burst, and only then can it be removed. idealogcial fanaticism at it's finest.

Good grief.
" ... if we are to survive as a species ..."

Oh, argh. There are 7 billion of us on the planet, rising by about 91 million each year. This is an increase equal to the combined populations of Texas, California, New York and Ohio, or slightly less than the entire country of Mexico. EVERY YEAR.

Our survival as a species is in no danger, even if drive-thru Abort-O-Mats sprang up on every corner.
I'm on the fence. I wouldn't have one myself, but I'm not comfortable with taking the right away from other women....but then I have strong feelings about a person not being considered a person until they are born. We hear stories of men killing their expectant wives/girlfriends while pregnant and the child isn't considered to be murdered. I would say it becomes more wrong the farther along the pregnancy is, but that invites the slippery slope issue of when it becomes more wrong. To paraphrase Bill Maher, once it starts sucking its own thumb in there, isn't that wrong?
Lots of animals do things as cute as thumb-sucking. If cuteness is what determines if killing is justified, isn't killing animals also wrong?
"I'm pro-life. Which is why I'm pro-choice. I am sick of the human life being devalued by war, capital punishment, torture, overpopulation, and just a shitty attitude toward our fellow man." ~The Nerd

You can be opposed to all these things and simultaneously be opposed to abortion. Just ask Democrats for Life of America!
"Recently, while browsing through the groups, I came across a Pro-life group. It has only one member-it's founder" ~ OP

I'm not sure what group you're talking about, but the Atheist and Agnostic Pro-life League at has many members.
I think you can be personal pro life meaning you yourself would not get an abortion unless some special case rape ect. since i am guy i will never have to make the choice. I am pro choice all the way since I can't tell any women what to do with her body.




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