Are there more atheist guys or are Women less likely to include that in profiles and descriptions?  

When I do a search on Dating or for personal ads almost always 9 out of 10 are guys... Am I the only one who see's this?

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It's true. It's not that women are less rational or anything, but several social factors add in to it. One is that there are more lone wolf men than lone wolf women. If religion is important to a woman's social circle, even if she doesn't really believe, she may feign some kind of wishy-washy religion to fit in better. Men do this too, but in my experience, it isn't as common.

Also, and this is true, women are more pragmatic than men. If religion works for what they need it to, the may be less likely to reject it.
Could'n't have said it better myself Orson.
So you must sift and surf. Alot of the non believing women use other terms, such as; other, not religious and spiritual. You'd be surprised how many people (not just women) don't know what the meaning of atheist IS. ;)

p.s. y do include men in your searches? :|
I Can't handle not being able to express ideas anymore. Most of the "spiritual" ones tend to be deist Christian hybrids. The way I've figured it lately is if you don't know what atheist or even list yourself as agnostic (which I tend to pick apart the word) Then you've obviously not put much thought into it. I could be wrong.

I'm not sure if I'm convinced Women are less likely to accept a warm fuzzy religious "feeling" at the expense of logic getting in the way. I Guess that could be the case. I was hoping it was a social thing.

"p.s. y do include men in your searches? :|"

Curiosity after getting frustrated with little results for females....
I think another reason there are fewer atheist women is that girls are still often taught to be submissive, especially in certain religious circles. Add that to the same religious teaching/brainwashing that the boys are getting, and the girls are just going to suppress doubts they have to the point where they forget about them.

I luckily was not taught religion (much, we were xmas tree/easter bunny christians) or submission. I did think that I was supposed to be christian and that my whole family was and would not be happy if they knew I didn't believe. I have since learned that while the rest of the family are christians, neither of my parents are currently believers (I sorta always suspected my father wasn't, but he was the one who would be most dangerous angry, so I wasn't taking chances). I started to poke my nose out of the atheist closet at 16, and my parents know the truth, but haven't told any family members other than my parents and I don't plan to because I don't want to waste my breath arguing with them.

I also think the social circle thing Orson mentioned is a big part of it. Women tend to want to be part of a defined group (look at how teenage girls often travel in large packs, who all look very much the same, who do very much the same things, and "love" the same pop stars and actors), while men are more willing to go it alone and will bond with each other over a beer and a ball game (even if they like different teams some times). [The # 1 thing I fought with my childhood best friend about was whenever we played school, she wanted to have religion class as part of it and I refused to do that (she went to catholic school, I went to public school).]
There are more atheist guys and women are less likely to include that in our profiles because for the most part women don't care :-). At least I didn't and I'm assuming that other women aren't that much different from me.

We're just looking for a good guy.

Of course, Canada is different and we don't have as much of the extreme Bible Belt type Christianity that the Americans have to deal with.

However, after dating a few extreme Christians (one of whom had an incest conviction related to his then 12 year old daughter), I included it in my profile and openly state that the guy should either be an atheist or not care when I make fun of his sky fairy ;-).

I'm not dating right now but that has nothing to do with the number of contact attempts I get which didn't change after I changed my profile.
another reason : i think leaving a religion is kind of adventure and guys are more adventurous when females naturally prefer peace and calmness (and i think it has some evolutionary reasons like raising up children and ..) so more men leave religions and there are more male atheists
Yes there are more Atheist men than women. I our meet up group Omaha there are twice as many men as women. At the Unitarian Church in Omaha it is about even. One can not tell is a Unitarian is an atheist.
Hmm, sometimes in my current location, I have /wished/ I could be irrational enough to accept religion, just for all the easy social benefits and mingling it allows. However, above all, to my own self I must be true. Thus, lonely or not, science prevails.
Yes, never submit to someone else's ideas to be happy. You won't be. And while there are good reasons to submit to another's line of thinking, I can imagine none that involve religion.
Right! I REFUSE. Despite what people will tell you it is NOT reasonable. Especially if you're the type who wishes to have children. Incompatible parents will make confused children.
Haha, it's my mind's way of joking with me. "If you believed in god you could have more [false] friends!" But I always remind my self it's the quality of my friends, not the quantity that matters ;) I am quite happy with my distant, atheist, friendships, and free thinking, atheist, mindset.
I've toned down my profiles a bit (not that they were really toned UP) but in any case my being an atheist is only listed on the religion box of whatever site 'm using. I got the sinking feeling that my zealous attitude towards being an anti-theist has maybe scared a few girls off.




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