Just wondering.

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Not likely, since nobody here thinks there is a heaven.
Atheists, skeptics and other freethinkers are not permitted to answer.
no, but I feel like I'm in heaven after dropping a big one in the toilet.
Well, I have been told that my question was crude to begin with, so I guess there is no reason to complain about the level of the crudity of the responses. That's what is meant by "calling a spade a spade." Anyway, the logic is unassailable.
Robert Heinlein seemed to think there were in Job: A Comedy of Justice, although according to his deponent, one Alexander Hergensheimer, they were NOT up to American Standard quality.

Gee, should I be surprised?
In heaven everyone wears togas, so when you need to go, you just let it fly. The waste then rains down from heaven on to the Earth... and that's where Republicans come from




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