Rosary Beads Linked To Gang Violence, Thompson Valley High School Says In Colorado

 Huffington Post

Apparently some gangs are using the rosary as a display of gang affiliation.  The number of beads in the strand and how it is worn supposedly is a important distinction as to whether the rosary is "authentic" or not.  But according to public comments after the article and Wikipedia, there seems to be conflicting information.  I did not grow up in a catholic environment so I have no knowledge on this subject.


A roseary is not meant to be worn as a fashion accessory. It is meant to be clutched during prayer. You do not wear them like a common cross necklace. It is insulting and sacrireligious


We started confiscating "rosary beads" at the high school I work in about five years ago. Different gangs have different bead configurations and different colors. Old news in NY. On numerous occasions, I had gang members cuffed to my desk in the deans office while they explained the beads and their "meanings".


His had 13 beads, real rosarys have 10.


13 bead count? Most likely Our Lady of Consolation with a medal for Saint Augustine. There are a variety of Rosary with different bead counts for different Saints. Wearing them is a cultural thing practiced in other countries, not so much here.

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Chicago, where I live, has been experiencing an epidemic of gang shootings lately.  These ignorant, gang-banging, urban terrorists are shooting at each other and indiscriminately wounding and killing innocent persons of all ages.  There have even been incidents where bullets have come through windows, striking small children who are in bed for the night.  Do these gang members believe in god?  That's an interesting question.  They have been swept up into the group, herd mentality at a young age and cannot think for themselves.  Nor do they have any sense of compassion or respect for human life.  Believe me, these are not the type of individuals who can muster up the brain power to contemplate the "big questions" about the reality of our universe and our existence here-in.  They are in basic survival mode, defending their little section of drug territory and their "honor."  I have a gut feeling, like you Michele, that most probably do believe in god.  I imagine they believe for the same reason most people do:  "Oh, yeah.  You have to believe in god!  How could you not?" 

YouTube: Chicago Gangs

honor? ha.. ever heard of 'creme get the money dollah dollah bill y'all?'
car culture is to blame... bling bling! jk

quite sad. how some just default into numbskull knucklehead mode.. slap women .. neglect kids.. cuz for they see jesus on a cross or are promised by muhammed to have afterlife.. all decoy, all bad shit.. Mexico has been overrun with gold and meth imho...

seems to be a common vein to cult/santeria stuff.. animal sacrifice to 'scare' the rivals.. etc..

imho. shit'll giv ya cancer... peace!

(Stop the ignorance; the right wingers are lame...Willie Nelson!)

I didn't know gangs were using these.

I didn't know either until I saw this article.  There's always some sort of identification.  It used to be one pant leg rolled up to the knee.  It used to be sagging pants (until that became a mainstream fashion statement.)  It used to be a tilted baseball cap, etc., etc.  These folks are continually reinventing themselves.   

it was never saggn' pants.. that just means free ass or it's too hot for the damn jeans..

ha. I know how graffiti writers work.. there's a h u g e difference between real writers and thugs.. some are truly mind-erased xanax. opiates.. you name it. many racists too.. fubar!
add some church cover and instant meth lab. kaput!

in miami i see a house blew up with kids! family rented and started grow op. yet I bet they were trying meth too yet no one can really see what went on in the rather nice large house..
imagine. imagine all the less in prison... if only

The Pope does.. ha! he's nationwide gangster.. seen the black folks in africa wearing his effigy!? nuts!


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