Seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there... various websites that offer ways to convert your car to water (or at least to be mostly powered by water). Propaganda and conspiracy theories along the lines of oil companies buying out (or assassinating!) inventors who were trying to market a water powered car.


Has anyone had first hand experience with water powered cars? has anyone tried any of the multitude of kits available online to convert your regular car to be mainly water powered?

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Yeah I remember watching documentary about a new completely green hydrogen powered economy supposedly made feasible by a lone inventor... my question is why isn't this talked about... it seems to me the discovery of the century, so what is going on?
It is quackery.

He was using electricity to break the bonds in water, producing oxygen and hydrogen, these were then added to the intake where in the cylinder they would burn mostly converting back to water.

Both of these reactions require energy, which for us on our scale can not be created or destroyed.

It is a similar issue with the "green hydrogen powered economy" you need to make the hydrogen.

It is hard to produce and transport/package hydrogen as a gas so often the refining of it takes more energy and more waste then our current energy sources.

We may find a green source of widely available on demand energy someday but it does not exist today.




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