Please take this as an innocent question. It's just because most discussions I read are about god and his clows and I fail to understand whether we are against them or also other beliefs like Satanism(if it exists) and buddhists... Or maybe Im asking too much questions for a novice. Clarity anyone?  

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I think we are all of the above.  It depends on the circumstance.  For me, I try to be as passive as possible in my day-to-day life, otherwise you can walk around all day grumbling.  Sometimes, however, something will happen or someone will say something praising their god that really makes my blood boil, and certainly shoots that person's credibility all to "hell". 

   Try to keep as much harmony in your life as possible.  It's the only life you'll ever have.  Remember, it's the fundies who say that life's supposed to suck until you're dead!

   As upsetting as they may be, don't let them win.

much agreed and I sometimes feel intimidated by people's IQs in this site so much that Im even scared to post anything being afraid its gonna sound stupid... ah thank you guys!

And as for being both anti and atheist, I disagree with you richard because an anti christ is a person who believes in jesus but is against him..and apparently its a myth believed by christians like that of the new world order, whereas an atheist is a real person who believes in reason and logic nd not the existence of the so called god...

The only qualifier to being an atheist is that you lack belief in the existence of gods. Every other belief is open to choice. So you can be an atheist and hate Christianity, or you can be an atheist and love Christianity. You can be a gay atheist, a straight atheist, liberal, conservative, a flat-earther, you can reject evolution, you can accept it, etc. etc. etc.


Most atheists bash on Christianity because it is the most prevalent religion (in North America anyhow), and that's what they're most often subjected to. And of course because they're opposed to some aspect of it. I personally oppose it because of the harm it causes to scientific advancement and the psychological welfare of society.


So to answer your question "are we anti-christs or non believers", we are non-believers. Unless by "we" you mean some sub-group of atheists who share some similar philosophy (eg. brights, humanists, naturalists, etc.).


Never be afraid to ask too many questions! Better to ask too many than too few.

I just don't believe in the supernatural, that's all. I'm against all religions and if I had to choose which one is the worst, it would be Islam. However, I support mankind's liberation from the shackles of all faith. Although I am even more anti-conspiracy theories involving ghosts, the afterlife, aliens kidnapping people, communicating with the dead through meditation, NASA is hiding a giant face on Mars etc. because this garbage is more prevalent among people I care about than religious practice and it is just as unhealthy.


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