In the latest issue of Skeptic magazine, one James Allan Cheyne makes the claim that not only is atheism of the rise but so is intelligence (pg. 33). Cheyne sez that according to social scientist J. R. Flynn intelligence rises 3 points every ten years in the 30 industrial societies studied. That's a whopp'n THIRTY I.Q. point increase in the 20th century. I guess that kids born today are flat out SMARTER than their g-grandparents who apparently could hardly muster the brain power to tie their shoe strings! I'd be more skeptical of this claim if it hadn't appeared in Skeptic magazine. Whatta you think?

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Eisenhower was a West Point graduate and believe it or not they don't let dumbells in there (I'm sure I wouldn't have made it!).
I had a chance to travel with 2 teenagers in the recent past. Both were busy playing games on their cells and talking about them. I don't think they had much time to look arround . The things which came with observation of nature and surroundings were gone. Excess in one mental activity may mean lack in others. Robotic intelligence is on the rise but is wisdom suffering on its behalf? I am no expert to comment, its just a common observation.
I think we are having to use our brains more and hands less as a whole. These electronic gadgets get more complicated all the time and who has to figure them out? Humans. We have a rush of information available to us with no way of comprehending the amount that we can receive. There is actually a syndrome called "information overload". Our brains are struggling to keep up. I'm not sure how natural selection could ever play a part in helping to develop the brain further because everyone gets a chance at reproduction in our society (unfortunately). But maybe given the fact that we are challenging our brains more, we wake up neurons and a more efficient brain can be passed to our next generation.
".....everyone gets a chance at reproduction in our society (unfortunately)."

Can we make the argument that lower IQ people reproduce at a higher rate in this country and are in fact PAID TO by the government?
Yes, easily. That's a good realization. Maybe someone could write a book about it.
I'm afraid its already been written about pretty extensively but every time the topic comes up somebody gets accused of being a "eugenist".
Oh no! So they are content with having (the opposite of eugenists whatever that word may be, to make society dumber through hereditary selection) run the country. Must be those right wing f**k nuts.
Well, the best known "right wing f**k nut" who got into eugenics in a big way was that little guy in Germany during the 1930's and 40's.
Ahh, I see. So if I dont want to give my tax money to people who cannot afford more kids and too ignorant to know when to stop having them, then I must be Hitler. Sad world we live in, huh?
That's the liberal position, BTW! A lot of people didn't recognize it at the time but Roe v. Wade was a great blow for the cause of eugenics and it's adherents had the good sense to not use the word in public.
I believe abortion should be legal up to the age of 17. AND it would not need a qualified personnel to administrate it. NO, no, kidding!... sorta.
Interesting, to say the very least.


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