Interesting (fairly long) article discussing the premise that the human brain seems to have some capacity for solving non-computable problems (i.e not solvable with any Turing machine, no matter how large), And  possible areas to consider how this might be possible. Of course, understanding how non-computable problems can be solve itself requires stepping outside the algorithmic world. He also addresses a lot of objections to the arguments.

If true, than despite the people who say AI is the salvation of humanity (Ray Kurzwell) or a danger to be approached cautiously (Elon Musk), real AI is not coming anytime soon.

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A. That's not my cat.
B. My cats are well fed and kept.  Sadly, they don't laugh on cue.

My first encounter with the concept of machine consciousness and machines "going bad" was the excellent Westworld movie with Yul Brenner. Yes, I was quite young at the time. I never thought that the recent TV series of the same name would do it justice. Not only did it do it justice but it far surpassed it. Not only was it a "treatise" on machine consciousness but I found myself questioning what human consciousness and what it means to be human. I highly recommend it as a study of the subject.

Computational engines are faster than I at arithmetic but I’m more imaginative than any such engine I’ve seen. Your seeing the clothes I wear and my presently blue hair will persuade you.


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