Sometimes I wonder.. how evolved are we!

We can't allow our predatory behavior to manifest itself physically , except in sport perhaps .. Our economic structure, however, is a wild jungle . How willing are we to place our financial gains over others !!!

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Money is a big survival tool , sometimes it is needed more than some people ..
Maybe it would be better explained by us being competitors rather than predators.
Wars are instigated by economical reasons .. people get killed in wars ..
I think I know a few predators.  I think there is a difference between competition, and predation.  Competition involves seeing who can accomplish more.  Predation is getting what you can from someone else, taking advantage of their weakness, even if their weakness is misplaced trust.  If you have to watch over your shoulder to protect yourself, then the other person is a predator.  Predators exist in any gender, any race, any religion or lack thereof.
I like your reply
when I think of predators, my mind goes to clergy. they are experts.
lol - sexual predation is another big story

I think you are confusing issues here. As Hugh also noted what you are talking about is competition.


All life competes for resources and the most successful ones reproduce. Its called evolution!


The cut and thrust of life is based around that competition and I see nothing wrong with that as long as it is tempered with some compassion for the less well off, the marginalised and the disempowered.


After all without this economic competition in place for thousands of years building capital we couldnt have the standard of living we have today, which means we would be too busy surviving to have the time to sit around talking about whether we are predators or not.









sexual predation is another big story

So you think compassionate competition  is important .. it is a good incentive for production !But , how compassionate !!.

. OK .. How many people killed in economic wars , how many are imprisoned ,how many are leading slave like existence !! .. There are many factors that have to be addressed ..

Sorry.. pc froze and i double posted

I thought that was my pc !!





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