Hi everyone, wow this is so refreshing, being able to talk to folks of a like mind, instead of being made to feel like a nut case among religeous zealots.

My view is now that we are causing the mass extinction of our planet. these events have occured many times in the earths history, asteroids, disease climate change, have all been blamed for the mass species extinction events that have befallen our planet.

I firmly believe that we are on a road to nowhere. We will gradually over-populate, and kill off everything else that walks, climbs, crawls, fly,s or swims, until we eat and  kill ourselves.

If an intelligent life-form evolves after us, they will dig up the relics of our existance, and wonder why we were so selfish and stupid, as to think we owned the entire planet, to ruin and exploit, and why we were entitled to kill and take everything.   

Unfortunately, religion explains it all to the deluded faithful. We are the chosen species in the eyes of our chosen God, and that entitles us to what our chosen God has provided for us. Science and evidence are no match for faith, and unfortunately, we are destined to be the creators of our own doom.    Please discuss your views on this please 

Alan Buch

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Well, yeah, if we haven't colonized other planets by 3500, I think we're pretty much fucked, anyway.

The big key will be bringing other countries up to our standard of living.  The first-world countries have had a major drop-off in population growth.  We've just got the poorer, more religious countries breeding like mad.  Hopefully, we'll get them about where we are, in another generation or two.

If we were talking about extinctions caused by floods or earthquakes, humans could devise ways to survive. With fire and dust, either from volcanos, meteorites, or CO2 gases, all airborne, will quickly encircle the Earth. There are few ways to survive such an invasion. It is beyond human's ability to manage. We would be rendered helpless and hopeless. 

Human caused extinction doesn't have to happen. There are things we can do to change our part in it. I don't think we have figured out how to survive air-borne death. 

Sorry to have offended you. I was raised by a fat person and I personally have no sympathy, after the gluttony and brazen use of others' pity that I have witnessed.

No offence taken, im not that much overweight, i was a bit tongue in cheek there.  all the best to you,  Alan

Again welcome, Alan, to the freethinkers internet world of common sense and rationality.

I fear that in the long term you are right. Religion has been a disaster for humanity and it is not going to go away. The fanatics continue to make inroads worldwide through indoctrination of children, teaching followers to hate nonbelievers, immigration and ghetto building. Whatever is the world going to look like if we could come back to see in 500 years time? When I was a young atheist and young scientist, I was full of hope---thinking that science and Darwinism would progressively win in the face of the irresponsible faithful and unprovable faiths. Instead we are watching our free democratic governments sleepwalk us to disaster. Evil prevails when good men do nothing (Edmund Burke). Religion triumphs when atheists in democratic nations do nothing. 

Dr. Madden, I like to move key words in quotes like Burke's: Good prevails when evil men do nothing.

Yours becomes, Atheism triumphs when religious people in democratic nations do nothing.

I dimly remember reading that after the Second Great Awakening (early/mid 1800s?), religious people in politics became so discouraged by losing that they returned to their churches.

I'm hoping the same will happen in today's Repub Party. It's one of my reasons for activism.

BTW: To Santayana's famous quote I add a few words: People who know history are condemned to say that people who don't know it are condemned to repeat it.

Cynical? Yeah, a little.

It is the extreme religionists that I really worry about---the fanatical jihadists who are able to  think that throwing nuclear weapons at their enemy nations will help their religious cause; and that, in any case, even they die too they will only get to see their much worshipped god sooner. In short, no more nations must be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. 

I am well aware of Dr.Meaden's pessimism on this subject since the time I joined AN. I am Optimistic. I believe that all religions will be finished in about the next 200 years. World has seen many unbelievable things happen in the past.

It's not irrational christians and similar believers in democratic countries that are scary long term. It's fanatical fundamentalists in, and emigrating from, the non-democratic nations. No-one is standing up to them strongly enough. And these nations are acquiring nuclear armaments and ballistic missiles. 

Again, why cannot the USA succeed in teaching all its children the truths of evolution, geology and astronomy? Believers in the bible, of Adam and Eve, and the flood etc ought to be falling fast in number instead of rising. I don't even see the Americans ridding itself of all religions within a couple of centuries---but I do want to hope that Madhukar Kulkarni is right. 

I think there are a number of ways that myopic mankind can be sufficiently thumb-fingered to queer this planet past the point where we can survive on it, whether through warfare, population, industrially poisoning it or inadvertently modifying the ecosphere to the point where we simply cannot adapt to the changes we've created.

The obvious question is: can we recognize the damage we've done and correct it before we do truly shoot ourselves collectively in the head, rather than the foot (we've already done that)?

The faithful will inherit the world; and go extinct.

No bad thing, but I'm sorry I won't survive to see it.

This discussion reminds me of the writings of Thomas Malthus on population growth. He posited there were two basic checks on unrestricted overpopulation. Positive checks and preventive checks. Taking the latter first, preventive checks are birth control, abortion, celibacy, and prostitution. In other words, checks dealing with the reproductive act itself. The "positive" checks being war, famine and disease. Or, how those of us who are already here become eliminated.

Seems to me extreme climate change is the grand daddy of "positive" checks. The result from that include: war for scarce resources; famine as a result of droughts, temperature change, and floods; and, pestilence as a result, in part, of the other two.

Now, I'm not the wishful thinker who believes that a having a high IQ, or the right body mass index, will define who (if any) will survive. I suspect survival will depend on adaptability and our genetic material to adapt.

But hey. That's evolution for you!




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