According to a recent announcement from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), there is growing concern among engineers and astrophysicists about the amount of junk that is cluttering-up the Solar System.

“We’re all involved,” said senior researcher and lead author of the paper, Dr. Espacio Limpio of Sao Paolo University’s Department of Environmental Research Projects. Working in conjunction with NASA, Dr. Limpio established a world-wide consortium dedicated to alleviating the collection of debris and abandoned vehicles left behind by many different space missions.

As Limpio’s co-author, Mal Dechatarra wrote: “Let’s just go over the list from near to far. We sent the MESSENGER spacecraft into Mercury at more then 14,000 kilometers per hour! No telling how big a field of wreckage that created. I mean, I’m sure it’s more like molten metal and plastics, but it certainly doesn’t belong on Mercury.”

Most of the equipment left on the Moon is probably familiar to most people: crash sites from all the Ranger spacecraft, Surveyors 1-7, all the Apollo mission descent and ascent stages, two lunar excursion vehicles, etc.

“When you include the stuff put on the Moon by the Japanese, Russians, Indians and Chinese it’s pretty staggering,” Limpio said “We’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of pieces, some of which contain highly toxic compounds.”

The University’s research team is not concerned about satellites and other objects in Earth orbit, in orbits around other celestial bodies or outbound from the Solar System, since their funding is limited. A future, more comprehensive list of manmade waste will, hopefully, be undertaken after consideration by the Brazilian government. At this point, only what has actually landed or crashed will be studied.

Dechatarra’s report concludes: “There are three rovers on Mars that’ll be there until doomsday. Not to mention Pathfinder, Phoenix, two Viking landers and the probable crash site of the Mars Polar Express—I’m leaving many others off this list. Even the asteroid Eros will host the NEAR-Shoemaker satellite forever. Lastly, Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko’s environment will be contaminated by the ill-conceived Philae lander until some way is found to retrieve it, along with all the rest.”

Space junk and trash in the Solar System can only get worse, the press release insists. Unless we all push for the establishment of green exploration, bigger and more dangerous objects will be sent to other worlds; there to remain indefinitely.

Source: www dot thunderbolts dot info

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Yeah, Bert, a better god would have started with bonobos. They would have made better homos.

Oh yes! men will be men, leaving trash behind to be cleaned up by some lesser creature, a servant or a slave, perhaps, or a mother, or a wife, a secretary, or a nurse. Elizabeth Dodson Gray, said years ago at a conference I attended that, men and their inventions leave behind a trail of debris with no intention of cleaning up after themselves.

Elizabeth Dodson Grey described the religious domination of women and the subjugation of the female principle and its justification as recorded in the sacred pieces of literature passed from generation to generation. The rationale that allows the rape of women and the planet places humankind in an out of balance condition that may lead to the downfall of humankind and of all living things on the earth. She addressed the male need to control nature as an imperative to reject the female ethos of care, concern,  cooperation, and nurture. 

This strong union of religion and conservatism explains the dreadful current political predicament.  

Trump is merely a symptom of her analysis. He represents the dominator, controller, exploiter, and manipulator, with none of the feminine energy. He turns the Earth, resources, and women into commodities to be used, in Donson Gray's terms, "The Green Nigger." We live in an out-of-balance world. 

Elizabeth Dodson Gray, Author of: 

Green Paradise Lost May 1979

Why the Green Nigger? Re-Mything Genesis Jul 1, 1979

Patriarchy As a Conceptual Trap Jun 1, 1982

Sacred Dimensions of Women's Experience October 1, 1988

Tom & Bertold, God should have listened to his Angels to create bonobos, except, God listens to no one. 

Joan, for what reason did you create an upper case “g” character who should have listened to a bunch of upper case “a” characters to create bonobos?

And for what reason did you create an upper case “g” character who listens to no one?

Besides, bonobos have existed for..., for ...millenia. They don’t need to be created.

Tom, the upper case characters were thoughtless creations on my part. I didn't even think about that. Thank you for correcting me. 

As to bonobos, they did not need to be created, they evolved, just as Homo sapiens did. A fair call on your part and I again thank you for keeping me consistent. 

Joan, the people who told me about an upper case "g" character gave me years of trauma.

From a psych dictionary's definition of PTS I've made short descriptions of its stages. From the most serious to the least serious they are:

4. Acting out.

3. Physical distancing.

2. Emotional distancing.

1. Hyper alertness.

I distance myself physically from RC structures, such as churches.

I distance myself emotionally from RC dogma and thought

Use of the G word at sites such as Nexus alerts me.

And rightly so, Tom. I prefer to use the small "g" when referring to god as a personal nudge at those who affirm religious powers. Whether one is grammatically correct or not, I intend it as a discount. Your rationale makes sense to me. 

The "solar system" is so vast that to say we are cluttering it up is ridiculous.  Garbage in Earth orbit is a problem for sure. There is trash on the moon as well but it's not even close to being "cluttered up." If one piled up ALL the man made items on EVERY body in the solar system besides Earth and put it in one pile it would be FAR, FAR less than a small landfill here on Earth.  Come on and get real.  You are making a problem where one doesn't exist. Not even close.  And ALL of those sites could be cleaned up (assuming one wishes to destroy what would then be a historical site) by any humans coming after.

Lee, some of the future residents of planets will regard our trash as sacred places where their gods landed.

Now that would be funny! And sadly probably true. Maybe we should include a book of random stories to help them develop their new found faith?

Lee, I do not agree with you

"A computer-generated image representing space debris as could be seen from high Earth orbit. The two main debris fields are the ring of objects in geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) and the cloud of objects in low Earth orbit (LEO)."

"As of January 2019, more than"

128 million bits of debris smaller than 1 cm (0.4 in), about

900,000 pieces of debris 1–10 cm, and around

34,000 of pieces larger than 10 cm were estimated to be in orbit around the Earth."

~ Wikipedia

~ The US government logged 308,984 potential space-junk collisions in...  

I can understand concern about Earth-orbiting satellites, but the solar system is vast. Whatever we leave is nothing compared to the masses asteroids and comets. And there are no other inhabitants interests to take into account.




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