The Bible and The Quran both describe a unitary god. They belonged to the same region, they mention some common prophets, they both say that they created the world in six days. Are they therefore same? Can the similarities or the differences between them answer above question?

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If you please, Mr. LeGore, by far the most violent and genocidal of the 3 Abrahamic religions is Judaism.

If you treat the Bible as an historical account, then you may be right, but as far as I know, the known history of the religions may not support your atgument.

Dr Meaden, now you mention L. Ron Hubbard, I was reading again some stuff about his life and religion, and was wondering whether 2000 in the future scientology would be one of the main world religions...

As a few have replied before me, they're almost identical, based in very similar principles. The main difference for me (beyond the trinity, the holy spirit, the virgins waiting for you in heaven, etc), the main difference is that at least Mohammed lived, whereas there is not historical, independent proof of any "Jesus" having lived when and where the chirstians claim he did...

It's like comparing Wayne Rooney to the late great George Best.

Both possess supernatural-like powers but they belong to different eras. The first mentioned had the opportunity to learn from the late great man and while his style may differ, overall there are broad similarities.

A long time ago - before humans had worked out that it was sex that made babies - women were worshiped for their creation ability of children.  There have been many ancient statues of 'Venus'' found.  It was goddesses not gods that were worshiped.  Women ruled and men where their concubines - some cultures would make a human sacrifice of the man that was with the 'Queen' if the crops failed.  Then this changed when they worked out that sex and therefore men had some effect.  We used also to worship animals.  Then we had multiple gods and then only recently we had the one male god.

The two gods are much the same to me - neither of them hold any value for me.

How does this comparison apply to the present times?

Use of Sword? Jesus forbade the use of the sword.

Matthew 26: 52: Then said Jesus unto him,

Put up again thy sword into his place: for

all they that take the sword shall perish

with the sword.

Muhammed urged the use of the


Surah 8: 65: O Prophet, urge the believers

to fight. If there are twenty patient men

among you, you shall overcome two

hundred, and if there are a hundred, they

shall overcome a thousand unbelievers, for

they are a nation who do not understand.

> Jesus forbade the use of the sword.

I read, I think here, that Christianity started as a peace cult and that the biggest reason that Christians were persecuted in Rome was that they wouldn't join the army.  That fell away as Christianity spread from the Med. to the German tribes.  By the time Constantine saw the light, the Roman Army was stacked with German Christian mercenaries, who quite liked swords.

We seem to be back to that state today, with Prosperity and Dominion Christians.

Nope they are worshiping the same god.  Or are you going to tell me that the OT god and NT god are different gods?

By your logic the Romans and the Greeks were worshiping different gods.

Why have the OT in a Christian Bible if they don't follow it?  As for Islam, Muhammad is the descended of Abraham's bastard son. BTW, You do know that Jesus was a Jew right?  That is how they all tie together.  What you are arguing is that if someone lived two distinct lives and never let people in his other life know the other him, that makes him two different people.

> Do Jewish people accept Jesus as their god?

By implication, you seem to be saying that Christians do worship Jesus as "their god."  I'm pretty sure that, in Catholic school, I was taught that Christians don't worship Jesus.  Worship is for God the Father (== [Yahweh, Jehova, Allah, Dios, and about 9 billion more]).  Christians' relationship with Jesus is a little more complex than that.

The only reason I used OT is BECAUSE it is in the bible. 

> I'd add to Orion's helpful response that each group would find these attempts to unify the gods, and the artifacts which allegedly set forth their basic dogmas, extraordinarily offensive. 

You got that right.




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