The Bible and The Quran both describe a unitary god. They belonged to the same region, they mention some common prophets, they both say that they created the world in six days. Are they therefore same? Can the similarities or the differences between them answer above question?

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They are two of the abrahamic religions. Judaism is the third. All are based on the same fallacies, etc. as is mormonism which descended from the KJV!

I would content they are both very similiar to identical - they are both myths. To take more of a discussion role, I would refer you to The History of God by Karen Armstrong. It is an excellent comparison of the three major religions of the world and thier many similarities... including how man has adjusted his beliefs to suit their own interests. So much for unchanging doctrines the fundamentalists continue to brag about.

My understanding of Islam is that they believe Jews and Christians are all "people if the book" and are indeed worshiping the same God. However, they are doing it wrong and should be made to convert to islam, "by the sword" if necessarily. They recognise Jesus as a prophet, but not as the son of god and part of the holy trinity. I've even heard somewhere that they believe Jesus will come back in the end-times (I don't have anything to cite though)

But it doesn't matter though, because common ground isn't enough in religion. Dogma dictates all or nothing. Muslims still kill slightly different muslims (sunni/shea) in the name of "Allah". Christians still kill slightly different Christians (Catholics/Protestants, Protestants/Mormons, etc) in the name of "God" and Jesus. If there were truth in religion, they wouldn't have so much to argue about as the truth would rise to the top.

Discourse based on reason and logic is short-lived because someone is always proven wrong and we move on to something else. The "sons of Abraham" have been fighting over the same arguments for 2000 years.

And lets not forget the Sabians. (I just heard about them myself)


Not to mention Baha'i, Druze, and Moonie.

But wait, there's more...

Mohammed was an illiterate prefrontal epileptic who knew something of the Christian and Jewish religions. During his seizures he created mental images of his understanding of a unitary god. The first Muslim was his wife who helped ensure that his dreamtime post-fit memories got passed on, redacted and written down. He cherry-picked what he preferred to borrow from the earlier religions and so started a new religion----much as Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell and L. Ron Hubbard did. 

Well, I knew about Mohammed's illiteracy, but I must confess I didn't know about his pfrefrontal epilepsy, thank you for the information. I can add that Mohammed asked the Jewish to join his (not so new) religion and at the beginning muslims will pray kneeling towards Jerusalem. When the Jewish replied "no", Mohammed ordered to begin prying looking towards Mecca...

The best reference on the web for the subject of Mohammed's likely temporal lobe epilepsy is Ali Sina

Great article, thanks.

> Sometimes he would stay motionless as if some terribly heavy load was pressed on him

Sounds like he was beset by an incubus.  That's my call.

Exactly the same way the writers of the Torah ordered the killing and massacres of thousands & thousands of Gentiles - and delighted in it.   Even today popular media jewish rabbis in Israel, like Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, in his best-selling book, "Torat Ha'Melech" ("The King's Torah") describes the laws, in the Torah, concerning the killing of non-Jews.   Answering the question of when it is permissible to take the life of a non-Jew, or "Goyim".  Shapira writes that non-Jews are "uncompassionate by nature" and should be killed in order to "curb their evil inclinations."   According to the Good Rabbi, "If we kill a gentile who has has violated one of the seven commandments... there is nothing wrong with the murder."  He goes on & on, adding, "There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults."   And remember, this is a best-seller, in Israel - today.

If you please, Mr. LeGore, by far the most violent and genocidal of the 3 Abrahamic religions is Judaism.

> the most violent and genocidal of the 3 Abrahamic religions is Judaism.

> all 3 are evil and must be destroyed somehow

Yes, but - the great massacres of the 20th century were instigated by atheists - Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and Hitler (I put him last because I'm not sure where he was coming from). China is still officially atheist (btw, the word gaijin is japanese).

My dad used to ask why he should be good if there was no Hell.  As much trouble as religion causes, I don't think the world would be any better off if religion just went away.

Educating 7 billion people in the subtleties of social contract seems a little ambitious.

> Shapira writes that non-Jews are "uncompassionate by nature" and should be killed in order to "curb their evil inclinations."

Thank you for sharing that.  I had no idea.  These are the people we're supporting.

Of course, American best selling author Anne Coulter wrote that we should conquer the middle east and forcibly convert all those people to Christianity. 




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