Sometimes I find the day has evaporated, and I didn't accomplish anything. What did I do? Oh!

Watch too much fantasy?

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Oh -- I am Ruth! That's me! What are watching right now?

When there's no sci-fi, I stoop to supernatural crap fantasy sometimes. I enjoy Merlin, and even watch The Secret Circle and Once Upon a Time. But I still can't stomach the ones that take themselves seriously, as if supernatural stuff and demons are real. Perhaps I make an invalid distinction, but some programs seem like silly fluff to me ( I used to love The Middle Man), while others pretend to represent reality.

Yeah I used to watch Merlin too, but mainly because at the time I had only 3 channels and when it came on it was the only thing worth watching. Not that its bad, I just normally wouldn't have bothered. I am a big fan of the Arthurian legends, but after so many variations and changes to the stories I have to choose what I watch carefully. There was a four-hour made for TV movie once called Merlin I think, I liked that one a lot.


Ruth, what sci-fi do you like?

I love Merlin. I want to buy the series on DVD.

I have been tired of late from exercising regularly and watching my 3 boys non-stop with no help (my wife works overseas), so every night I try to unwind a little, usually by watching some fantasy stuff. I recently started watching the Harry Potter movies again from the beginning, well, from the second one anyway. I am halfway through The Order of the Phoenix as of tonight.


Next up, LOTR trilogy! And I can't wait for the new Hobbit movie. I'm glad there will be Christians boycotting the film, more seats for me, and if they don't like something, that means it is probably something good anyway.

I love Harry Potter! I've some the movies many times.

Yes -- the Hobbit movie. Are you a member of the Lord of the Rings Atheists?

I'm a member of the group -- I posted about the Hobbit movie -- spookiness again!

Yes I know, you might recall that I joined and posted the discussion topic "What is your Patronus?" You asked me why I chose the ram, and I wrote a fairly long response, but no replies. :-(

I know you are a member of the Harry Potter group - I was asking about Lord of the Rings group. I think you misunderstood me.

Ohhhh! Hah, well that was right before I was going to bed, so maybe I was just delusional with exhaustion. Sorry! :-)

Also hello, look at my avatar!

yes I know I'm a big Harry Potter fan - its the Septology symbol. You misunderstood my post.

Ok, I am now a member! Thanks Steph!




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