When I joined the nexus I felt confined.  I had no one really to talk to about my views and it was a relief to find a group of people I could have "those" discussions with.  After joining I found plenty of other Atheism sites I was not previously aware of (example r/atheism).  Since then I go to more links where Atheists and fundies argue.  I read more fundie nonsense than I use to.  I am exposed to religious nonsense Daily.  I must have been living in denial before nexus because now I am getting (for lack of a better word) Angry!  The abuse of children for religion, the saturation of religion into our government, the discrimination and hate of anything against "their" religion.  I don't know if I should turn my computer off and stop looking at this stuff or do I stay angry and argue with fundies online.  There does not seem to be a middle road for me.  If I see fundie nonsense on FB or comments under an online article I have read I am unable to stop thinking about it. I knew the world was full of fundies and "stupid" people but I guess I shielded myself from it before.  Now it feels like I have jumped in the deep end.   

Did joining coalitions of Nontheists online help you or are you experiencing an increase in unbelief/anger?  If so, how do you deal with it?


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I guess I'm the only one.  I better work on it (:

I started off angry 30 years ago when I let go of the nonsense.  It got worse for the next 5 years as I looked closely at the ill effects of such belief.  After that, I gradually let go of a lot of the anger.  I don't expect much from people and even less from those that still believe in make believe.  "Shit Happens", just try not to be the one leaving a mess for someone else to step in.  Even with that effort, we all leave a mess some times.

I feel hemmed in by religion. Religion advertises itself all around me. Our city newspaper often publishes religious articles, and occasionally anti-atheist ones. TV, radio and church billboards pump out the message. Many of our schools and other institutions are named with religious names. The English language is chock full of religious words. Assumptions of "God" and religious dogma abound in the public arenas. It's an historical legacy. I can't see that I can do anything about all of this.

A lot of people actually get a great deal from their religion. I simply can't buy into all that, because I find it not to be based on any reasonable foundational truth, ie. I'm atheist.

Good post, Jessica! I've experienced all of the same things; white-hot anger at their stupidity and the ill-effects of religion, the need for shielding myself from my own anger, and disappointment and resignation about the whole thing. I deal with it two ways. Firstly, moderation. I try not to let myself get too angry, but on the other hand I think it is important to be righteously indignant about the whole thing because, let's face it, we're right and they are hurting people. But there's only so much each of us can do. The other thing is objective dispassion. I try to think deeply more about the actual arguments than the people making the arguments, and then it becomes an exercise in figuring out how to handle myself and my own arguments, becoming a better arguer, and so on, and less about "them". Joining A|N helped a lot, because in isolation my anger just festered; once I joined, there was a period of being more motivated and yes, angry, because I had other people with whom I could join forces, but now I'm much more relaxed and comfortable with myself in relation to believers, because I now know a bunch of like-minded people that see the world the same way and now I know I'm not crazy or alone in my beliefs. Not that I didn't know that before, but having others to talk to helps! A lot!

Yes Jedi Wanderer it does help to come to the site and discuss things here. We can vent our frustrations on the site.
I agree with Jonathan. He has valid points.

Discuss calmly and plant the seed of reason. Maybe they will come around. I did.

My main issue right now is a local one.  I am wrapped up in this amendment one nonsense.  I guess I am shocked at the amount of discrimination I have been witnessing on the news and online.  FB friends I thought I knew are encouraging discrimination.  This amendment will make the only union recognized by the state a marriage between a man and woman.  Past friends say you should vote yes if you don't agree with same sex marriage.  However, if the amendment does not pass same-sex marriage will still be illegal in our state.  So my time has been spent commenting on posts on FB and comment sections on articles/polls regarding the amendment.  I read all the nonsense and I fume over it.  The ignorance burns and makes me want to reach through the screen and shake them.  The voting is today so I am hoping my stress and frustration will ease up after today.  People who encourage discrimination bc of one line in Leviticus makes me sick.  Most do not even know anything about the book they worship.  Many say jesus spoke out against homosexuality but I have researched it and all I can find is that he (supposedly) spoke out against divorce.  If these xtians want to protect the sanctity of marriage they should try to make it harder/illegal to divorce.  I have told them such and they say marriage is for procreation blah blah blah I give them the general responses and then the scoot around it.  I might as well hit my head up against the wall bc all this conversation is doing no good to further my cause.  It seems all I can do is go vote. So my I am learning to ignore the ignorance and vent here on the nexus.  But enough about me and my first world problems...  (:

Jessica you have good reason to be angry.  The theist delusions and lies are maddening.  I compartmentalize.  I can't afford to be angry and can't afford to isolate myself, so I keep it in a mental place where I store those feelings then let them out on nexus.  WIthout nexus I would be too isolated, so I log on frequently.

I'm angry that they discontinued 7-Up Gold. (:


Honestly I'm not angry about this stuff anymore. That does not mean I have no passion to see the wall kept between separation of church and state or that I think there is no need for robust criticism of religion.




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